Lorella Cuccarini: Alberto Matano and Live Life, the real reason for farewell

Lorella Cuccarini, the management of the Zecchino D'Oro at risk and Sanremo appears

The director of Rai Uno clarifies the real reason for Lorella Cuccarini's farewell to "La Vita in Diretta" and Alberto Matano

Lorella Cuccarini and her four children

Lorella Cuccarini's farewell to Live Life and the new single conduction by Alberto Matano: Stefano Coletta, director of Rai Uno, sheds light on the network choices related to the presenter. Today Cuccarini is in the cast of Amici di Maria De Filippi where she plays the role of dance teacher. A show which she landed after difficult months marked by tensions with Matano with whom she co-hosted the Rai afternoon container.

Much has been said about Cuccarini's farewell to La Vita in Diretta, especially since today only the journalist is leading the program. To talk about it Stefano Coletta who in a long interview with Corriere della Sera spoke about Mara Venier and Domenica In, but also about Lorella. “There are no political reasons – he confirmed regarding the failure to reconfirm La Vita in Diretta -, on the contrary I have a good relationship with Lorella. I am simply not interested in dual management: I think it is not a contemporary idea and that the containers have had their day. Matano with a polite narrative often has a 17/18% share, up 1.6% compared to last autumn ".

In a letter in which she greeted the cast of La Vita in Diretta at the end of the television season, Cuccarini had criticized Matano's behavior without ever naming him. "There is a" first time "for which I was not prepared – he wrote -: the confrontation with the unbridled ego and yes, let's face it, with the unsuspected machismo of a work colleague. Exercised more or less subtly, but with determination. Constantly. Sometimes alternating with incredible (and never believed) public declarations of esteem towards me. I know that I certainly don't have to remind you that you were here ”.

Accusations to which the journalist replied: “I did nothing but be a journalist – he said -. Yes, I did. If it means disrespecting someone, then I give up. Of all the things that could be invented, it is the most surreal. My mom is an Italian feminist historian, she was an equal opportunities councilor at Palazzo Chigi, I come from a very open family. I was sorry because I really don't know what male chauvinism is ”.

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