Lorella Cuccarini flops with Live Life: the comment by Raffaella Carrà

Lorella Cuccarini flops with Live Life: the comment by Raffaella Carrà

The decline in the ratings of La Vita in Diretta by Lorella Cuccarini and Carrà continues

Raffaella Carrà comments on the flop of La Vita in Diretta and surprises everyone. Lorella Cuccarini's return to RAI was not at all simple and it still seems to be uphill. First the attacks by Heather Parisi, then the early closure of the Grand Tour, and finally the problems in the afternoon container that she leads with Alberto Matano.

Live Life in fact is not getting the desired results and it continues to be beaten by Barbara D’Urso's afternoon five. The ratings are down and, if in the first weeks you could talk about a "break-in" of the show, now it looks like a flop. Many are convinced that the fault of the low share is not of Lorella Cuccarini, who remains a great professional, but of the incapacity to give transmission space.

A thesis also supported by Raffaella Carrà who commented on the story during the press conference for the presentation of A Raccontare Comincia Tu, her program broadcast on Rai Tre. "Live TV is wonderful for me – he said answering a question from Blogo -. I look at everything, I don't like it all. It makes me suffer when a program could be better done for a bit of different choices ".

"Guy? Live life – he added -: they are obliged to always make complicated stories, I would have lightened them a little. I do not think it is the fault of the conductors, perhaps not even of the authors, I would say of the network. Now the network manager will hate me, but it's the same. There is something that prevents them from being airy ".

Even Lorella Cuccarini a few days ago had openly commented on the low ratings and Barbara D’Urso's victory. "You talk about us telling in a detached way," he said. I do not agree with the detached story. I always try to create great empathy with the guest. I always face everything with great humility. But La Vita in Diretta doesn't want to sink the knife in the wounds, when we talk to the relatives of the victims of crime we use a lot of delicacy. We do not exchange delicacy for coldness ”.

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