Lorella Cuccarini in bikini with her husband: at 54 she is gorgeous

Lorella Cuccarini in bikini e il marito

Once the controversies for La Vita in Diretta have been closed, Lorella Cuccarini kisses her husband and shines in a bikini

Lorella Cuccarini and her four children

Lorella Cuccarini celebrates the wedding anniversary with her husband by showing off an amazing bikini at 54 years old. The presenter, having archived the controversies with Alberto Matano for the farewell to Live Life, is enjoying the well-deserved holidays. Next to her Silvio Testi, the man he married 29 years ago and who has always remained by his side.

"29 years and feel them with joy – wrote the presenter on Twitter -. They call them "granite wedding": what will that mean? Thanks everyone for the good wishes. Ah! Today our holiday officially begins. " In the photos published by the presenter, husband and wife are in the water and they kiss each other tenderly. It was August 3, 1991 when the two swore eternal love. A marriage, that between Silvio Capitta – stage name Silvio Testi -, record producer, and Lorella Cuccarini, who has endured over time. The couple had four children: Sara, who arrived in 1994, Giovanni, born in 1996, and the twins Chiara and Giorgio born in 2000.

“I believe that at the basis of every union that works there is the desire to carry out the same project – Lorella had told the weekly Oggi some time ago, without hiding some difficulties encountered over the years -. Despite the problems. I assure you that I, Silvio and the children are not Mulino Bianco's family. There have been ups and downs. But it is precisely in times of difficulty that we clung to each other and we managed to stay afloat (…) It would be nice to experience the same emotions of the first months together, that strong passion. But it is unrealistic. This does not mean that the feeling disappears. Rather. The further you go, the deeper the love becomes. Indestructible because it rests on pillars that we have built ourselves ".

Summer began turbulently for Lorella, who had to deal with the controversies that arose shortly before the last episode of La Vita in Diretta and the alleged dispute with Alberto Matano. However, the problems did not erase the smile of Cuccarini who, once again, chose to put his family at the center. In the shots that appeared on Twitter, the presenter is radiant and beautiful, in a black bikini, revealing that she is still very much in love with her husband and ready to enjoy the next few months with her family.

Lorella Cuccarini in bikini and her husband

Lorella Cuccarini in bikini and her husband – Source: Twitter

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