Lorella Cuccarini leaves the agency of Lucio Presta: "Live Life has nothing to do with it"

Lorella Cuccarini leaves the agency of Lucio Presta: "Live Life has nothing to do with it"

After the farewell to La Vita in Diretta, Lorella Cuccarini announces the farewell to the agency of Lucio Presta. However, there is no link between the two events

Lorella Cuccarini and her four children

Lorella Cuccarini leaves the agency of Lucio Presta, clarifying however that her farewell to La Vita in Diretta is not involved. The presenter in fact left the Rai program she was conducting with Alberto Matano, writing a letter in which she accused her colleague of being "egocentric" and "male chauvinist". These days the journalist has returned to the helm of the show, but above all he has rejected the accusations of Cuccarini.

"At first I was incredulous – he explained to Fatto Quotidiano, referring to the letter -, I reread it, I took some deep breaths and I thought that the priority was to go on the air for the last episode. I thought that I would not speak until the end of the broadcast, I extended the silence in the following days because there was nothing to say. I think it was an outburst, perhaps an impulsive reaction […] At the beginning we took time to get to know and discover each other – he said -, we also discussed and perhaps only once was there a heated confrontation. Then we simply rolled up our sleeves, we began to work respecting ourselves and also respecting the diversity of our professional histories. The choice to give the program a different cut is not my responsibility, if I had the power to decide I would have done another job. I find this accusation a bit surreal ".

After the letter in which she recounted her experience to La Vita in Diretta, revealing her bitterness, Lorella has no longer commented on the story. In recent days, however, the presenter has revealed that she has made an important decision. As Davide Maggio reveals, on Instagram, Cuccarini has announced that she has left the agency of Lucio Presta, her agent and husband of Paola Perego. "After 15 years I left Lucio Presa's Arcobaleno Tre agency, whom I thank for this long and precious collaboration," he wrote, emphasizing that his decision is in no way linked to his farewell to the Rai Uno show.

“My decision, however, is not strictly connected to the Live Live issue – added the presenter -. Simply, in some moments of life you need to turn the page and look for new stimuli, even expanding and diversifying collaborations. Nothing and no one will be able to affect the friendship and affection between us ".

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