Lorella Cuccarini replies to Zorzi: “Never discriminated against gays. But I don't wink at him "

Lorella Cuccarini replies to Zorzi: “Never discriminated against gays. But I don't wink at him "

Lorella Cuccarini, on social networks replies to Tommaso Zorzi who had accused her of being against gay rights. "I respect the LGBT community but I don't wink at homosexuals. And I don't want to please everyone "

This time Lorella Cuccarini did not let it slip on her. And from his Instagram account, he replied to the accusations of Tommaso Zorzi, an influencer who entered the House of GF Vip. Zorzi, declared gay, during a chat with the roommates expressed harsh words towards the host, responsible, according to him, for homophobia towards LGBT communities. "A str …." that "I am right on the ca …" and that "it has spoken out against gay rights a hundred and fifty thousand times".

Lorella's reply on Instagram is immediate.

Usually I don't respond to provocations, but on this occasion the silence could be interpreted as an assent and I cannot allow it.
I am an honest person, hypocrisy is not part of my DNA. When I express an opinion, it's never against someone, so hearing a Big Brother competitor say I'm "against homosexuals" (plus a series of insults that I pretend not to have heard) is something that hurts me deeply and does not I think I deserve.
My life speaks for itself: I have shared many joys by enhancing the talent of workmates, without barriers of any kind. I challenge anyone to have ever seen disrespectful or discriminatory behavior against anyone.
Having said that, I am not always aligned with "politically correct": if you ask me for an opinion on adoptions or on the practice of the rented uterus, I can ask myself questions and not be in favor. This is not and will never be a declaration against the LGBT community and the rights of the people who belong to it and which, on the contrary, I deeply respect. It is simply my point of view on some aspects of life. And I would express it even if I had a gay son, who – mind you – I would love as deeply as any other son.
One can disagree on everything without absolutely being homophobic.
I have never "winked" at the homosexual public because if I had, I would have had no respect for them.
I am immensely grateful to all the people who have supported me over the years, but I don't want to be liked at all costs. Lying to myself. I want people to know me for who I really am.

Dear Tommaso, you are the age of my daughter Sara, you probably know me only for what you read about me.
I consider you a smart guy. If you want, when you leave the house, I'd like to have a coffee together and see if we can go beyond appearances …

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