Lorella Cuccarini’s wellness secrets: 56 years and not feeling them


Today in Rome there is quite a lot Sun! It is the first thing he exclaims Lorella Cuccarini at the beginning of the interview for Feel good. You can see and feel immediately that it has a character radianta lioness (like her sign: she was born in August) full of energy and will to live, superdynamic and always on the breach, in TV (where she is a singing teacher at Amici) and at home (has 4 children). Fifty-six years and not hear thembut neither prove themeven if he stresses me several times that by now “at my age“… But she also knows that who knows how many fifties they would pay to be and feel a bit like the most loved by the Italians. So, we just have to discover his together secrets of well-being.

You don’t like winter do you?

It’s not really my season favorite and I definitely don’t want that cold as well seasonal evils somehow stop me. So I always look for “allies“To protect me and support me. Like the supplements: sometimes I use multiple products, with vitamins and mineral salts for the gym, also specific for skin and hair (subjected to high stress from the work I do), but I tend to prefer a supplement unique that covers more needsalso to combat the inevitable fatigue that takes me when I am particularly stressed physically and I have to support myself more. My password is optimize also in the care of health: with 6-7 hours of rehearsal room every day, my role in Friends and a family numerous like mine waiting for you at home, time is really precious. For this Bion 3 (of which she became godmother – ed) is perfect for me. In just one tablet there are live cultures, 12 vitamins (like C and D) and ben 7 minerals: a great ally for my immune system.

Evil of the season: certainly Covid loves the cold …

It has been a long two years for Covid difficult. I was leading Life live when did theepidemic and I have been at the forefront of the virus narrative. Not only that: at home we took it in fiveonly my husband remained immune. Thankfully the symptoms were mild, but what a fear. But I am incurable optimistic and I always try to see the good side in things: “thanks” to the lockdown we were all hometogether and we have lived our family as never before is a nice one I remember that I want to keep. And then now she starts pulling outside the head from all this drama, right?

She loves the sun, but her phototype is clear: does she protect herself from the rays?

Protection 50 for me is mandatory. I am attentive to my skin, even if I don’t spend much time in front of it mirror. But what I do I do Well and carefully. I could never sleep with the trick even if I’m very tired and it’s late. I take off my make-up even if it takes a hit of me sleep while I look at a movie with my kids, but it’s not disciplineyou really need to cleaning that I feel very strong. My rule is cleanse well the skin several times a day by choosing products from quality that allow you, in a few actions, to do the better. That said, luckily I have a skin that resists good for time and for aggressori external.

So no serums and anti-aging?

Mostly cleansing and UV protection. The trick in my field it is a lot rich and I find that the oils are of the latest generation fantastic to eliminate it at best: I find myself very good.

How is your typical day?

I rarely go to sleep before midnight, but I do I wake always at 7.30maximum at 8, even if I don’t have to take the kids to anymore school, now they are great. At 9.30 I’m in the gym for the lesson daily, that I never jump. I love to do gymnastics in the morning because it gives me it loadturns me on and supplies me power for the rest of the day. But it is difficult for him to face it evening because at 20 am tired: there is also all theactivities for transmission Friendswhich is as demanding as it is stimulating.

What exercises do you do in the gym?

I alternate the Calistenichs to the metabolic circuit. The first is falling in love recent, because I only found out about it 4 months ago. These are free body exercises performed in a rhythmic way, aimed at toning, giving more strength but also elegance in the movements. The metabolic instead it is intense, fast and mainly involves the muscles by lifting the beat cardiac and therefore stimulating metabolism. One day I do Calistenichs one day cardio-metabolic. I also love Pilates and then there is, of course, there dance: I’ve been dancing since I was 9. In the gym the secret is setting a small goal every day, motivates Very.

And when the sun is out, what does it do?

Once I ran. But I really like running today I avoidbecause the cartilages my knees can’t take it anymore (he laughs heartily with his wonderful ringing laugh, and says again “at my age”). I have to deal with theusury like all “athletes agonists”: I work with a lot of rhythms tightened since I was 17. So I focus on fast, uphill walking, which doesn’t give me problems. I also use the treadmill a lot.

And at the table?

For us as a family, dinner is the best time of all aggregation, where we talk about everything. Sometimes we also have dinner at 22just to stay together. In my house dominates the Mediterranean diet: I eat everything but drink little, never spirits, just a little wine with friends. I don’t love them transgressions: work got me used to self-regulate. Even with desserts: I’m greedy but I enjoy them every now and then, like prize. I tend to choose carbohydrates for lunch and proteins in the evening. If I don’t have time rather than skip the lunch sometimes I consume an energy bar.

Sleep well?

Very well. But sometimes, when they really are tired because I worked more than the usualI’m sleepy agitated. But not I take never anything to sleep on. And the next morning I already go to two-thousand so. Not surprisingly me and mine husband we split into teams based on metabolism: he and two children are slower in the morning and more active in the evening, me and the others are early risers.

The doctor who “attends” more often?

Apart from i checks routinely, the physiotherapist. With what I do the muscle aches come, and then I have to keep them under control joints. Periodic physiotherapy it helps Very.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

Learn to listen your body, to feel it. With the signals of him he tells us Very. We spend more time to listen to us, it is really time valuable, and if I say so. Now listening to him is mine habitand my body hardly tells me things wrong.

Rice and noodles

There are two cornerstones Lorella’s food: rice and noodles. «I prefer rice as the first one because satiatedit is digestible and perfect if after you have to make one effort also challenging ”, he explains. «A plate of basmati with a drop of oil never fails in mine tour and I consume it 2 hours before entering the scene ». And the fettuccine? “I’ll do it in homebut I’m not a cook from Masterchef. It’s a tradition that my grandmother taught me. I remember beautiful end week with an avalanche of fettuccine spread on the sheet of his marriage bed: what a perfume and what perfection! They seemed made to machine, how smooth and precise they were. They don’t come to me beautiful like yours, they are more rough and thick. But so I honor his memory and do happy the family. Fettuccine reminds me of many beautiful family things ».

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