Lory del Santo accuses Conversano: "Ten years ago he set a trap for me"

Lory del Santo accuses Conversano: "Ten years ago he set a trap for me"

Lory Del Santo accuses Giovanni Conversano on TV who would have set a trap for her

Lory Del Santo accuses Giovanni Conversano on live TV ten years later, stating that he would have set a trap for her by ending his love story with Rocco Pietrantonio. The showgirl has experienced many great loves in her life, not only the one for Eric Clapton, from which the eldest son Connor had, but also that for the former model. An important report, ended abruptly due to some gossip.

Talking about it in the lounge at Pomeriggio Cinque was Lory Del Santo who accused Conversano of having set a trap for her by sending her away from her boyfriend of the time. Today Lory is linked to Marco Cucolo, who has remained with her during the darkest period of her life, after Loren's death. The couple dreams of adopting a child and experiencing the joy of a family.

Despite this, Del Santo never forgot the gesture of the former tronista of Men and Women. I have never betrayed Rocco Pietrantonio with Giovanni Conversano. "I do not betray when I live a relationship, it is not in my style – he confessed to Barbara D’Urso -. When you are famous, they always try to use you. Conversano had paid the photographer, he had chosen the restaurant and at that dinner he was constantly approaching me. He set a trap for me ”.

At the time, Conversano had recently closed his relationship with Serena Enardu, known in the studies of Men and Women. An intense story that has come to the surface in recent weeks when Giovanni has decided to comment on Instagram the adventure of the former at Temptation Island Vip and the break with Pago.

"He made me pass for that kind of man who cheats without thinking twice taking advantage of his popularity and events – Giovanni thundered in the Stories, attacking his former partner -. Serena, I spent dramatic moments because of you. My mother, to whom I had introduced you, did not speak to me for weeks. I've never been like you described to me. I know that everything returns in life. Serena, you are a woman capable of making people suffer. A woman who is afraid of the passing of time. A woman who dreamed of the show but found herself on the edge of that world. Make an examination of conscience ".

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