Losing weight in the time of Coronavirus: here's who to contact

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Eliminating the burden accumulated during the pandemic is possible. Better a medical or beauty center to lose weight correctly? Here is the solution

The pandemic has had important repercussions on society: due to the lockdown and various restrictions, many people have started working in smartworking, have reduced physical activity and, in many cases, have started eating in a disordered and incorrect way.

In one year, everyday life has been revolutionized and these changes have also had repercussions on health and fitness. According to an analysis by Coldiretti, due to Covid-19 the weight of Italians has increased by 44%. During the Christmas holidays they gained an average of 2 kilos. After Easter and as summer approaches, the time has come for many people to lose weight. To achieve this goal it is crucial to rely on the right specialist: the medical center is the best choice. Here because.

Weight loss and the fight against cellulite: why rely on a medical center

In view of the summer, there are many people willing to regain their ideal weight. We know well that willpower is not enough: it is necessary to rely on a specialist who takes into consideration the habits and needs of the patient.

Weight loss is not a purely aesthetic issue, but represents a real path that takes into consideration various aspects related to the health of the individual: lifestyle, eating habits, any intolerances and pathologies. A medical center takes these aspects into account and evaluates each patient at 360 ° based on the medical skills gained over the years.

Inside work different professionals, but crucial to allow the person to lose weight in a conscious and healthy way. The goal is to build a personalized program that integrates a tailor-made diet, the use of innovative machinery for specific treatments useful for reducing fat and cellulite as well as functional to tone and firm the tissues affected by laxity such as inner thighs, arms, abdomen and buttocks. .

Not to mention that many medical centers also study relaxation paths, aimed at weight loss. In fact, many clinical studies have revealed that reducing stress involves lowering cortisol, a hormone that promotes the resistance of cellulite and localized fat. Therefore, the psychological aspect must also be evaluated.

Lose weight in a healthy and conscious way: what happens in a medical center

Relying on a medical slimming center means coming into contact with a team of doctors with different specializations: nutritionists, aesthetic doctors, professional operators, image and beauty consultants. The staff welcomes the patient and supports him throughout his journey.

Before accessing the treatments and slimming programs, the doctor carries out an accurate analysis of the patient's state of health. Only then does he develop a personalized path, consisting of various aspects, such as diet, physical activity or specific slimming treatments.

Among the various medical centers present in Italy, MedikalBeauty Institute stands out, a point of reference in the sector. It has accredited centers throughout the country, designed to meet the patient's needs through the Arteslim protocol.

It is a complete path designed for the individual patient. It includes a tailor-made diet, as well as several elements, including specific treatments as needed. The center is a leader in localized or general weight loss and accompanies all patients until results are achieved, without ever leaving them alone and without guidance. But above all, the entire process is carried out under careful medical supervision, an extra guarantee that allows everyone to lose weight safely and consciously.

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