Love pills, consumption boom without prescription. Also in Italy

Love pills, consumption boom without prescription. Also in Italy

Even in Italy there are many men who use anti-impotence drugs without consulting a doctor. With serious health risks and negative effects under the sheets

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There are about 180 million 'love pills' sold in the last year in Europe, but the 'do-it-yourself' is spreading: 6 men out of 10 use anti-impotence drugs without having had a diagnosis or, in many cases, a prescription by the doctor. There are over 100 million pills bought without prescription, about 3 and a half million in sex shops. The data emerge from a study presented during the Congress of the European Association of Urology (Eau), conducted on around 1,000 men who use these drugs in 7 European countries, including Italy.

Well, according to the "Erectile Dysfunction European Users Survey" (Edeus), coordinated by Professor Emmanuele Jannini, of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, only 4 men out of 10 can be traced back to the category of "patients". Others are 'performers', who use pills to improve performance under the sheets or perceive the presence of some small or great difficulty, but do not want to talk to the doctor. A risky "do-it-yourself" warning experts.

For the first time, the research takes a picture of the context of use of erectile dysfunction drugs in Europe, revealing that 60% choose the pills themselves and state that they have not received a diagnosis, using these drugs often at lower doses, but never consulting with the doctor. "Do-it-yourself is associated with an average lower age, but only 11% of the so-called 'performers' are really free from erectile disorders," explains Emmanuele Jannini, president of the National Academy of Couple Health and coordinator of the international study.

Therefore, there is a problem in the bedroom, even if it is not discussed with the doctor. Among those who make a 'recreational' use of love pills "38%, on a more in-depth analysis, presents mild or moderate signs of erectile dysfunction and 12% even a severe problem – Jannini states – These subjects try to treat yourself for the embarrassment of discussing their difficulties with a doctor, but the data show that the satisfaction and the results obtained with the DIY treatment are lower than expected, compared to those followed by an expert who can identify the active ingredient best suited to the individual case and draw up an appropriate treatment plan ”.

Less satisfaction, but also greater risks: the consequences of DIY can also be serious, the specialist points out, “because impurities, toxic elements or, at best, incorrect dosages that increase the danger of adverse events ". Research shows that the use in the absence of a prescription is more frequent for first-generation drugs such as sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil: second-generation products such as avanafil, are much more rarely related to 'recreational' use. Those who use avanafil, it is more often received a diagnosis and is more followed by medical specialists or basic.

Moreover, "the doctor, essential to make the diagnosis, is also able to decide the most suitable therapy. Our data clearly indicate the need for a more conscious and responsible use of drugs for the health of the couple and recall the importance of avoiding DIY, for your own safety and to get a full positive effect from the cure. The results therefore provide us with three objectives: to help those who do not need medicine to feel the need, to convince them that 'do-it-yourself' means' hurt you 'and make the ostriches' head slide off – who do not choose the do it yourself, but don't even talk to your doctor about the difficulties under the sheets – from the hole, indicating the main street of the couple's doctor, ”concludes Jannini.

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