Loving, happy (and in love) on Instagram: shooting with her boyfriend

A summer full of happiness for Alessandra Amoroso, who shows herself more in love than ever with her boyfriend Stefano Settepani

Alessandra Amoroso is enjoying a successful summer. Not only from a working point of view, but also sentimental. The singer, in fact, appears serene and happy in the arms of Stefano Settepani, her boyfriend for about three years.

A beautiful love story that exists between Stefano and Alessandra, born a little thanks to the help of Maria De Filippi. In fact, he is an executive producer and works for many of the programs conducted by Maurizio Costanzo's wife. Among these, in particular, Amici, the talent show that saw Amoroso triumph in the 2009 edition.

The spark between the two, however, only broke out many years later. They met behind the scenes of the program and never left each other. Shocked by the smile and simplicity of the singer, Settepani did not miss the opportunity to court her. Amoroso, on the other hand, recently emerged from a story that had made her suffer particularly.

A very private couple. In fact, very few are the photos that the two let themselves be taken together or the images posted on social media. This time, however, the singer wanted to make an exception and decided to post a shot on Instagram that portrays them embraced and smiling. And he dedicated very sweet words to his great love:

and we laugh together that we laugh always, always, always … but it is never enough!

It is a phrase from a song by colleague Elisa, but which describes exactly what Alessandra Amoroso feels. An engaging happiness, which the singer did not hesitate to share with her fans and which, above all, which suggests that the wedding with Stefano is near.

The shot also attracted the attention of numerous well-known faces from the show, who wanted to comment on the photo with messages of support for the couple. Among them the colleague Annalisa, the dj Stefano Fisico, Georgette Polizzi and Gianni Morandi. Very keep the words of the latter:

Seeing this happiness is good for the heart.

But the comment that certainly did not go unnoticed is precisely that of Stefano Settepani, who replied to his girlfriend with a simple:


Two simple words that sound like a promise. And we can only agree with Gianni Morandi: reading these messages full of love is good for the heart.

Alessandra Amoroso happy with her boyfriend Stefano Settepani. Source: Instagram

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