Low blood pressure in children: symptoms, causes and remedies

Low blood pressure in children: symptoms, causes and remedies

Low blood pressure is a common phenomenon among children. Here's how to deal with this problem

Pressure is a very important parameter to keep under control, not only in adults but also in children.

In fact, the little ones can suffer from hypertension and even hypotension, two disorders that, if left untreated, can cause serious complications. Especially when it is hot or in the presence of a very fast change of posture, children may experience a sudden drop in pressure. The symptoms are usually a sense of tiredness, dizziness, headache and dizziness. In this case it is always better to lay it down, interrupting whatever activity is taking place, and immediately measure the pressure.

Hypotension, contrary to what many think, is a problem that is not uncommon among children, especially in summer, when children have to deal with the heat, prolonged exposure to the sun, long runs on the beach and swimming in the hottest hours. Low blood pressure can also be caused by particularly stressful emotional situations, such as a fright or an episode that is particularly difficult to deal with (such as an injection). Increases in the case of anxiety, stressful periods, mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

What to do? As with high blood pressure, even in the event of hypotension it is always best to contact your doctor, who will be able to establish an excellent strategy to deal with the problem. Furthermore it is essential to act promptly as soon as the child experiences the first symptoms of a pressure drop. In these cases it is necessary to make him lie down and, above all if you are in a crowded place, let him breathe some fresh air.

Following the analyzes and a thorough visit will allow to establish what are the causes of low blood pressure and to solve the problem. A help can also come from the diet, consuming foods that help defeat hypotension, such as licorice, tea, chocolate, but also parmesan and raw ham.

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