Low calorie mushroom diet: how it works

Low calorie mushroom diet: how it works

Mushrooms are an excellent ally to get back in shape, thanks to a diet that will make you lose weight in a short time

Tasty, rich in nutritional and low-calorie properties: mushrooms are the perfect allies for a slimming diet.

It is in fact a tasty food, versatile and above all with very few calories. Fungi are in fact composed of 95% water, have about 20 kcal per 100 grams and have no fats, while proteins and carbohydrates are equal to 3% and 4% respectively. On the other hand, field mushrooms, champignons and porcini mushrooms are rich in precious mineral salts, such as potassium, copper, selenium and phosphorus.

They also contain many fibers and water, perfect for improving intestinal transit and for eliminating water retention. The beauty of mushrooms is that you can eat every day without ever getting bored. Inserted in the diet and cooked in the right way in fact you can use them to make many different dishes.

When you are on a diet, they are delicious as an appetizer, stuffed with herbs, or as a side dish, cooked on the grill. They can be used to season rice and whole wheat pasta, but also to accompany meat or fish. The important thing is to dress them without exceeding with fats, using only extra virgin olive oil and chilli.

Some types can also be eaten raw. In particular, porcini, vesce, ova (the good ones) and field mushrooms, which are sliced ​​and served in a rich salad with oil and salt. Prepare them also stewed, with tomato or with parsley and garlic. Enjoy them not only in autumn, when they are harvested, but also throughout the rest of the year, drying or freezing them.

The benefits of fungi also affect their ability to strengthen the immune system, counteracting leukemia and cancer, but also preventing strokes and heart attacks. But be careful: they are not suitable for everyone. The mycosine content in fact makes the mushrooms difficult to digest and not recommended for all people who have liver problems, suffer from kidney stones, gout and cardiovascular diseases.

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