Low life, the "drawbacks" to be reckoned with

Low life, the "drawbacks" to be reckoned with

The world is in a maxi version: this is what mini women have to "bear"

There is nothing to do, life for low girls can sometimes turn into a real nightmare. If you are part of the elite of high ones, perhaps you will not be able to understand: the world seems to be designed in a maxi version, and those who do not reach the appropriate height standards are forced to suffer. Starting from the bars of all those of average height and zero sensitivity.

Have you ever thought about what it's like for a small woman to go to a concert and just not be in the front row? If everyone is standing, the condemnation is that of not being able to see anything. Of course, as long as the concert lets you in, because there is also the risk of being exchanged for unaccompanied girls.

If standing the situation is tragic, from sessions it certainly does not improve. The stools are practically off limits, while in the office the chair must always be adjusted to the maximum height if you want to reach the desk comfortably. Not to mention the inevitable "funny guy" on duty, who will certainly make you notice how taller he is standing than you sitting. Yes, really him: the one that makes you stiff every time you talk to him.

In the pool we always risk drowning, even in the children's pool, and flaunting nonchalance when the water reaches our mouth has become almost an art. In the locker room the situation does not change: 9 times out of 10 we do not get to see our whole face because the mirror is mounted too high.

But the worst nightmare for a "mini" woman is undoubtedly shopping. The pants and skirts are always too long (especially the models with a nice embroidery on the bottom, impossible to shorten), and the difference between a top and a minidress can sometimes be really very thin. And, needless to say, the t-shirt we would like to measure is invariably placed on the highest shelf …

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