Low waist jeans! That’s why you should never wear them like that

Jeans a vita bassa

Low-rise jeans are the new trend of 2022, pulled straight from the 2000s. But do you know how to wear them? Because they hide pitfalls! Here is the style guide by CheDonna that will explain how to avoid style mistakes with low-rise jeans!

Fashion repeats itself. Year after year, the new collections of luxury brands that trace the rules of fashion are filled with references taken from the past. Do you remember the fashion of the 2000s? Made of pointy shoes, mini bags and low-rise jeans? From today the 2000s will not be just a memory, because we will not be able to do without low-rise jeans in our looks. But be careful! Avoid these style mistakes at all costs!

Low waist jeans

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Years ’70 were the years of the revolution par excellence, in which fashion was a means of communicating generational change to the whole world. Women especially thanks to fashion have been able to express themselves, sanction their freedom.

Years ‘90 were revolutionary in other respects. The Internet becomes an integral part of the life of the entire world population. Mobile phones allow for fast and quick communication. The world travels at unimaginable speeds and fashion is affected by this change. The idea was born of owning many, but of poor quality, garments, instead of owning a few but of good quality and lasting over time. Hip-hop fashion also arrives in Italy, with baggy pants, varsity bomber jackets and sneakers.

In the 2000s, however, they made fashion, the IT girls, girls and women from the world of show business who are particularly influential in the field of fashion. They all wanted to copy their style. In short, the figure of the influencer was being born, but without social media and everything took place in fashion magazines or tabloids. The casual look of an IT girl? Crop top and low-rise jeans!

After more than 20 years, low waist jeans are once again the trendiest of the moment. But when you take back fashions from the past you don’t even take back the whole outfit, just some details. In fact, wearing low-waisted jeans and staying trendy for 2022 fashion is not very simpleor.

For this reason we are here CheWoman, that we show you how to wear low waist jeans correctly. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

The low rise jeans are the new trend of the moment taken directly from the 2000s. But beware of these style mistakes!

When using trends from the past we must always be careful to make them more contemporary. You should never go back to the total looks of the past, but only a few details. Otherwise our outfits will look old and out of fashion!

Low waist jeans

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see how to avoid style mistakes when wearing low waist jeans:

  • choose the right one: the trending models in 2022 are those with a low waist and wide leg. Never choose a slim-fitting, flared low-rise jeans. Our look will go OUT in a second.
  • crop tops and short sweatshirts: in winter or summer the trends speak for themselves and say short sweater with low-waisted jeans. I know, not all of us are comfortable showing our belly and navel. No problem! Choose your short sweatshirt, wear under a tight ribbed tank top and then your low waist jeans!
  • right accessories: these too make a difference. And what accessories to combine with low-waisted jeans? The jewel belt! To be worn soft under the belly, the jewel belt is also a reference of the past, which is back in vogue together with the low waist jeans. Perfect look when combined with a corset top and lace-up sandal with heel! By the way, the sales at Zara: here are the 4 items to buy at a discounted price!

Low waist jeans

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This branded style guide ends here also for today CheWoman which featured low-waisted jeans and all the style mistakes you should never commit.

See you next style guide! To stay up to date on all the news in terms of fashion, and more!

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