Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino parents: daughter Nina Speranza was born

Pink bow for Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino: their firstborn was born

The long-awaited news has arrived: Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino have become parents for the first time. In the past few hours, in fact, their firstborn was born.

The actor made the beautiful announcement only a few minutes ago, posting a very tender photo on Instagram. You can see the hand of the little girl, squeezed between those of mom and dad: the shot, in black and white, is of a disarming sweetness. "We. Nina Speranza Argentero "- wrote Luca Argentero at the bottom, thus also revealing the girl's name. The same photo was shared on the social profile of the new mom, Cristina Marino, and of course she made full of likes and comments of congratulations for the happy event.

Fans were eagerly waiting for this moment, because the couple had already revealed long ago that the birth was scheduled for the month of May. In recent weeks, Luca and his partner had published several photos of the baby bump, thus updating their followers on the progress of the pregnancy. Both were delighted with the arrival of their little girl, so as to celebrate this sweet wait with beautiful shots and keep dedications: "The most beautiful gift is here" – wrote Argentero in recent days.

Since Luca and Cristina first announced that they are about to become parents, the two lovers have taken advantage of every opportunity to share this great joy that has come into their lives. The beautiful Marino, in particular, has repeatedly told some details about her pregnancy. In an interview with Gente, for example, he confessed that he cannot remain still: "Training saves me, first of all my mood. And when I don't train, I meditate, I practice yoga, I take care of the vegetable garden, cook or clean. "

Now to cheer the days of Argentero and his partner, the little Nina Speranza has arrived, but both have already revealed that they do not want their child to grow up as an only daughter: "I would like to have three children" – explained Cristina – "I am young and I have all the time. If it were for Luca, who is an enthusiast, we would bring an entire football team into the world. " For the moment, however, they hold the newborn in their arms and enjoy this fantastic period.

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