Luca Argentero on Instagram: leaves Cristina Marino speechless

A very special dedication for his wife, which reveals the actor’s most romantic side

True love, the one so strong that it makes you want to tell and share it. Luca Argentero on Instagram left Cristina Marino speechless with a special dedication, which touched the hearts of the couple’s many fans.

Because sometimes you don’t need big statements, but an image is enough to tell what you feel.

Luca Argentero on Instagram: leaves Cristina Marino speechless

Luca Argentero shared a beautiful shot of his wife Cristina Marino, beautiful not for the perfect pose or for the right lights, but for what he wants to tell. In fact, the photo published on her Instagram profile is slightly blurry and shows the actress and model posing, with a slight smile on her lips, under the lights that make up an inscription: “How can I not love you”. If that’s not enough, the actor added the infinity symbol in the caption.

No need to add more, because the feeling is all contained there. And Cristina Marino knows it well, who commented only with a “you”, accompanied by a heart.

The two actors have a beautiful bond, which every now and then they tell by sharing some shots of private moments on social media. Through Instagram, they who are still very reserved, show the joy of being together: from holidays, to moments spent with the family with little Nina Speranza. Special moments, among the last a shot all three together, accompanied by a simple heart.

What transpires from all these photos, from these little moments of life that they share with the fans, is always the special feeling that binds them and that makes them one of the most admired and loved couples in the world of entertainment. And this can also be seen from the many likes and comments that got the shot published by the actor who sees his wife as the protagonist

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, between love and career

For both the last few years they have been full of satisfactions, both from the point of view of their relationship and their work. After the arrival of the first daughter (Nina Speranza born in May 2020), the two got married on 5 June 2021 in Città del Pieve in Umbria. In all this time they have supported each other also from the point of view of career, which for both of them is proceeding well. Cristina Marino has dedicated herself to many projects, including the opening of Befancyfit and the writing of a book on the method. Luca Argentero has ground successes between theater and television. At the moment, after the last triumphal season of Doc – In your hands, he is among the protagonists of the tv series The ignorant fairies.

Beautiful and very fashion. Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino are a trendy couple, even when they sport beautiful matchy – matchy looks. Among the last ones the one on the occasion of the premiere of The ignorant fairies, where they both paraded in total black. With a (very romantic) dedication of her for the actor. In fact, Cristina Marino, sharing the photos taken on the red carpet of the premiere, wrote: “Luca Argentero is Massimo. I fell in love with him too “.

Deep and important words, just like those that the actor dedicated to his wife.

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