Luca Argentero, the sweet dedication on Instagram for his daughter Nina Speranza


Luca Argentero reveals on Instagram a very sweet shot with Nina Speranza, the daughter born of love for Cristina Marino

Cristina Marino and Luca Argentero: the first summer as parents with Nina Speranza

Luca Argentero surprises Instagram fans with a very sweet dedication to his daughter Nina Speranza. The actor is crazy for love for his eldest daughter, born from the bond with Cristina Marino. On social media he posted a photo in which he plays with the baby. "Amorous skirmishes", he commented, with a smile that leaves little room for other comments and that has excited the many followers of the actor.

The Turin actor is in seventh heaven: he has finally realized his dream of becoming a father and does not spend even a minute away from his daughter. Nina Speranza arrived a few months ago, in full lockdown, but she has already filled her parents' life with immense love. Luca Argentero has been linked to Myriam Catania for over ten years. After the divorce from the actress, who will soon land at GF Vip, he began a relationship with Cristina Marino, a fitness expert and colleague, met on the set of Vacanze ai Caribbean.

Their story, initially much discussed due to the age difference, has grown away from the spotlight, becoming more important every day, until the choice of having a child. “I'd like to have three children – Cristina revealed to the weekly Gente – some time ago. I am young and have plenty of time. If it were up to Luca, who is an enthusiast, we would bring an entire football team into the world. We both come from families whose parents are still in love after so many years. I think this example is fundamental in building a lasting couple: he and I share the same interests and have fun without ever arguing. Luca is, first of all, my best friend ”.

“I didn't think you could reach such great heights of happiness – instead, Luca, guest of Alessandro Cattelan, revealed. I know it sounds rhetorical when you hear others tell you about it, but it really is “. Between a laugh and a lot of pride, the actor said that little Nina Speranza looks a lot like him: "Apparently she looks a little bit more like me," he said.

Luca Argentero and his daughter Nina Speranza

Luca Argentero and his daughter Nina Speranza – Source: Instagram

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