Luca Argentero, the sweetest words on Instagram for his daughter Nina Speranza

Luca Argentero, the sweetest words on Instagram for his daughter Nina Speranza

The words that Luca Argentero dedicates to his daughter Nina Speranza are very sweet. And Cristina Marino also comments, returning the image of the happy family

Luca Argentero, the tender family photos on Instagram

How does life change when a child arrives? A lot, a lot. And not only in terms of habits, but also and above all in terms of emotions and sensations, as Luca Argentero demonstrates. The actor and sex symbol is an increasingly happy and in love father. His heart is held hostage by Nina Speranza, the child he had with his partner Cristina Marino.

Luca and Cristina were already an exemplary couple. They had met when his marriage with Myriam Catania was already over and, little by little, a love full of complicity, esteem, respect and beauty was born. This in spite of the age difference and those who claimed it would not last long.

At the end of 2019, pregnancy: the two announced it on Instagram, full of happiness. From that moment on, all the moments of sweet expectation that the couple decided to share were a real hymn to love, culminating precisely with the birth of their daughter, Nina Speranza.

The emotion that overwhelmed them was enormous and if Cristina was more reserved, Argentero did not miss an opportunity to tell his experience as a father, made up of new certainties, feelings never experienced before and amazement at the wonder of life.

An amazement that seems to constantly renew itself, as can be seen from the last photo posted on Instagram by the actor. A shot that shows him in a hammock with the baby, accompanied by these tender words:

I met an interesting girl, we stopped to talk for a while, she says she is happy …

The photo shows Argentero smiling and looking at the child with his eyes fixed on his and making her "shield" with his hands, to keep her safe. A strong and beautiful image, which Marino could not fail to comment on:

There is no more beautiful thing!

So wrote Cristina. And indeed, the painting is so idyllic that even those who end up in this photo by pure chance smile. All that remains is to wish this tender family all the happiness in the world and to enjoy every moment of these unrepeatable and unique sensations.

Luca Argentero on Instagram

Luca Argentero's dedication for his daughter. Source: Instagram

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