Luciana Littizzetto's farewell to her little dog: "You are no longer here. And neither do I "

Luciana Littizzetto's farewell to her little dog: "You are no longer here. And neither do I "

Luciana Littizzetto moves Instagram with a heart-breaking and sweet farewell to the beloved little dog Gigia

Luciana Littizzetto cries on Instagram the death of Gigia, her beloved dog, saved from the street a few years ago.

With a harrowing post the hostess said goodbye to her four-legged friend, moving everyone. The comic posted a very sweet photo in which she holds her fox in her arms, kissing her. "You're gone. And neither do I. #gigiatesoromio ”he wrote, in a few words telling about all his pain.

Funny and tender, the little dog Gigia had a very special story behind her, told by Luciana Littizzetto on her blog. It was 2010 when the comedian found her abandoned in the Rho highway area and decided to adopt it.

"La Gigia. My mythical Gigione. Adorable plague – he had said -. I found it 5 years ago, on the motorway near Rho, near Milan, while I was going to shoot a commercial for the Coop. The real savior was actually the costume designer who used her pitbulls, pulled her up from the road regardless of the growls and bites. Poor little dog was very scared and the soul was damned to defend herself. Once brought into the dressing room the whole Gigia began. "

"Who wants it? – he had explained – At first all available. I say to a friend of mine, maybe to my sister, I'll let you know if my grandmother … I already had another dog, Alì bau bau, already oldy and also a kennel, I wasn't much of an idea. Of course a tiny dog ​​… even with two noses … how to do it. And so even though Davide growled he too I took her home. With the usual excuse – Littizzetto concluded -. I keep it a few days and then I see I find you a master. It was a pity that after a few hours she was the undisputed master of the house, a professional barker, a Nobel snarl, a lost-time biting machine ".

In her blog and on Instagram, Luciana often shared photos of the little dog, with tender phrases that revealed the strong bond between the four legs and her mistress. Instagram followers have tried to console Littizzetto as much as possible, inviting her to go ahead and keep Gigia's memories. Many commentaries by show business personalities, from Filippa Lagerback, a great animal lover, to Antonella Clerici, who a few years ago lost her beloved Oliver.

Luciana Littizzetto – Source: Instagram

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