Ludovica Bizzaglia, natural on Instagram: "Everything you see is not always real"

Ludovica Bizzaglia, natural on Instagram: "Everything you see is not always real"

The actress shared a post in which she shows herself natural, full of reflections: a hymn to love each other and to understand that you are not alone

Without filters, in a natural image: Ludovica Bizzaglia, born in 1996, is an Italian actress and writer who has an interesting curriculum in both sectors.

Red hair and a gaze capable of capturing the lens, she showed herself on Instagram without makeup and launched an important message that invites users to go beyond glossy images. She did it in a post in which she showed herself natural (which was then removed by mistake from the page) and it is not the first time that she has told of the atopic dermatitis she suffers from: already in October 2020 she had published some shots on Instagram to whom he spoke about it with an open heart, sharing a very profound message about beauty. Among the many things on that occasion he wrote: “Beauty, my girls, is precisely the absolute wonder of normality and of everything that is not perfect. And even the lives you see here on social networks aren't perfect, and each of us has our own hidden story to tell. How beautiful they are and how beautiful we all are! I continue to shine, because it is precisely from the rain that flowers are born ”.

Important messages on self-acceptance that she returned to talk about in a post that she then accidentally deleted from her Instagram profile. In the photo, with her skin in the foreground, the actress again showed herself without makeup to tell us that what you see is not always real.

Among the many words shared with the fans he wrote: “Small Reminder for me and for you, unfortunately everything you see is not always real. The sculpted bodies you see, the legs without a thread of cellulite and the life they show you, are not always real ”.

Then she added: "I would like to see much more reality on these screens, Ludovica a few years ago would certainly have helped, and now that perhaps I have almost managed to love me unconditionally, I would like to say to myself and to anyone who is reading these lines that beauty does not only lies in the little things, but also in being able to understand that we are not alone, that even 'that girl is flawless, I would too much like to be like her' she has a story to tell us and maybe she is just the same and very similar to us ".

Ludovica Bizzaglia has chosen, as for example Aurora Ramazzotti, Matilda de Angelis and Kasia Smutiak, to speak openly and show herself without filters, in messages full of truth that can also be a valid help for others.

A deep post and an invitation to go beyond the images we see. The actress then explained in the Stories that she had mistakenly deleted the post and thanked: "I wanted to thank you very much: I have read all of you and continue to read all of you".

Ludovica Bizzaglia Instagram post

Ludovica Bizzaglia, the Instagram post

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