Ludovica Valli, on Instagram announces the sex of the child

Ludovica Valli, on Instagram announces the sex of the child

The former tronist of Men & Women and influencer, with a long and exciting post on Instagram, has revealed that she is expecting a baby girl

The vip pancioni of autumn 2020

Ludovica Valli has announced that she will become a mother for the first time a little over a month ago with a very sweet video. And now the new news, the influencer has revealed the sex of the unborn child.

He did it with a long post on Instagram full of emotion, in which he tells the many sensations of the moment and reveals to his followers that he is expecting a girl. The photo is very sweet and contains the family in a single shot. There are his hand, that of his partner Gianmaria Di Gregorio, entrepreneur, and the paw of their bulldog Ettore. All close together with the beautiful image of the ultrasound in the foreground. By scrolling you can see the ultrasound with the baby's face and another video with her heartbeat.

The former tronista of Men & Women and influencers, sister of Beatrice and Eleonora, indulged in a very intimate post in which she talked about the difficult period we are experiencing: "We are living in a terrible moment for the whole world; we are surrounded by uncertainty and perplexity about the imminent future and the near future. Work is shaking for everyone and we are all powerless in the face of a still unknown enemy … If they had told me one day that I would have happiness in the palm of my hand I would never have believed it or even bet yet … yet in the palm of my hand I I see a glimmer of hope, a firefly that lights the blessed lamp of life in a moment where the only thing we have left is hope – wrote the influencer, and then added -. This hope that a new family is giving me knows of the future, that future that we have the responsibility to build with values ​​and sound and solid foundations. This message is for you, we do not stop believing in a better future even when we think that the fate does not depend on us, we do not stop. I send you all my positive energies and I hope you will be as happy as we are if I tell you that soon they will no longer be 2 against 1 but we will be tied because she is coming. We are waiting for you little one ”.

Words full of hope and happiness for the life that is coming, thoughts of a future mother who feels the unique emotions of pregnancy for the first time.

Ludovica Valli, born in 1997, participated in Men & Women in 2015 and has had a great career ever since. She has been romantically linked with Gianmaria Di Gregorio since 2019 and now their family is about to expand with the arrival of a baby girl.

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