Ludovica Valli pregnant, the sweet announcement on Instagram

Ludovica Valli pregnant, the sweet announcement on Instagram

Beatrice's younger sister is expecting her first child with her partner Gianmaria De Gregorio

Ludovica Valli will become a mother for the first time. The influencer and former tronista of Men & Women, sister of Beatrice and Eleonora, is expecting her first child with her partner Gianmaria Di Gregorio, an entrepreneur in the real estate sector.

The Emilian influencer, born in 1997, announced the wonderful news on Instagram, with a very sweet video accompanied by a caption full of love. In just under 80 seconds of video, Ludovica and Gianmaria are seen, smiling, running on the beach together with their beloved bulldog Ettore.

Dark hair blowing in the wind and wearing a white dress, Ludovica shows off a very tender belly that is kissed by the radiant future dad. As already mentioned, the caption is also very sweet and expresses all the magic of this moment.

The little girl who ran away from home, the little girl who took a one-way plane to Formentera, the "six in the morning" girl, who landed on TV at 18 and lived very tall and very short. The little woman who changed town for love and then cried for love, sought love, even tearing her heart from her chest. The woman who took his life, destroyed it and then built collapsed sand castles and then rebuilt to build what is now a new life.

These are just some of the words chosen by Ludovica Valli to announce her pregnancy, an important change that comes after several years marked by twists and work successes (among these, it is possible to mention the book Di Troppo Cuore).

The 18-year-old who in 2015 sat on the most famous throne of Italian TV has grown up today and, as recalled on Instagram, has “a home she doesn't want to run away from, a true love and an extra heart beating inside her. We are waiting for you, my soul ”.

Linked to De Gregorio since 2019 – the entrepreneur lives between Milan and Ibiza – Valli, after the video dedicated to the initial announcement, posted a photo and a very short video of the second ultrasound, carried out on the Spanish island. Mother Sandra, who this year welcomed her granddaughters Azzurra and Ludovica Allegra, daughters of Beatrice and Eleonora, spoke first of all to express her happiness.

ludovica-valli-ecografia "width =" 1217 "height =" 694 "srcset =" resize = 1217,694 1217w,,171 300w, /wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2020/09/ludovica-valli-ecografia-.jpg?resize=768,438 768w, /ludovica-valli-ecografia-.jpg?resize=1024,584 1024w, 436,249 436w,,616 1080w "sizes =" (max-width: 1217px ) 100vw, 1217px "><p id=The ultrasound photo shared by Ludovica Valli – Source: Instagram @valliludovica

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