Luigi Berlusconi marries Federica Fumagalli: armored wedding in Milan

Luigi Berlusconi sposa Federica Fumagalli

Very armored wedding in Milan for Luigi Berlusconi, son of the former premier, and Federica Fumagalli, historical girlfriend

Luigi Berlusconi marries Federica Fumagalli, his historical girlfriend, in Milan. Very armored wedding for Silvio Berlusconi's son who decided to get married with the woman who stole his heart and whom he is very much in love with. Always very discreet and far from the spotlight, Luigi opted for a private wedding. The publications that appeared in the Praetorian Register of the Municipality of Milan announced the happy event.

The ceremony was celebrated in the church, in the presence of very few guests and the young entrepreneur's family. According to some rumors, Silvio Berlusconi did not attend the wedding, despite the negative outcome of the second swab to assess whether or not Coronavirus is positive. He could still take part in the party that will take place in the evening. Reserved and very jealous of his privacy, Luigi Berlusconi has been linked to Federica Fumagalli for about ten years. A love born at Bocconi in Milan, a university they both attended, and which immediately became very important.

Federica, brunette, sweet smile and passion for fashion, has always been involved in public relations, while Luigi Berlusconi is passionate about finance. Third son of Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario, after graduation he graduated from Bocconi where, in 2011 he met his current girlfriend. For several years he lived in England where he studied and worked at JP Morgan. Business flair and great confidentiality have made Berlusconi Jr a much appreciated entrepreneur, so much so that he was even mentioned by Forbes.

Luigi and Federica have been living together for some time in the villa where Silvio Berlusconi and Veronica Lario lived their happiest years before their divorce. The couple has two German Shepherds Uno and Arturo and is very close-knit. Fumagalli has never given interviews to talk about her love affair with Luigi and, despite her profession and an Instagram profile, she has always protected her partner's privacy. The wedding had been planned for several months. In fact, on Christmas 2019 Luigi, in front of the whole Berlusconi family, asked for Federica's hand and she accepted with enthusiasm.

Luigi Berlusconi marries Federica Fumagalli Instagram

Luigi Berlusconi and Federica Fumagalli – Source: Instagram

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