Luis Miguel, why Who saw it? he takes care of his mother, Marcella Basteri

Luis Miguel, why Who saw it? he takes care of his mother, Marcella Basteri

Marcella Basteri, Luis Miguel's mother, disappeared into thin air in 1986. Federica Sciarelli to "Who has seen it?" reconstructs his case 35 years later

Luis Miguel, yesterday and today

In the episode of Who saw it? which airs Wednesday 10 March on Rai3 at 21.21 Federica Sciarelli deals with the case of Marcella Basteri, Luis Miguel's mother, who passed away in 1986, precisely in the years when her son was furious in Italy.

The story of Marcella Basteri's disappearance therefore dates back to 35 years ago. Born in Italy, even though her father, who passed away in 1992, was Mexican, her traces are lost in Madrid in September 1986. At that time Marcella had moved from Mexico to Italy after a rather difficult separation from her husband. It was with him that she had an appointment in Madrid to define the divorce clauses and put an end to the marriage.

The Basteri then leaves from Pisa, arrives in the Spanish capital and from there we lose track. Her Italian relatives saw her for the last time in Pisa on August 18, 1986, she disappears into thin air the following month.

It is not the first time that Who has seen it? takes care of her case. In fact, the family members, not giving up, turned to the broadcast of Rai 3 in 1993, then conducted by Giovanna Milella. The investigations are resumed several times over the years, but do not give positive results.

To bring attention to the story of Luis Miguel's mother is now the Mexican cousin of the woman who tells Sciarelli exclusively how Marcella Basteri, one day she leaves Massa because she has to reach Spain, but from that moment on we no longer know. nothing. Some say she is alive and in Argentina.

In 2018, a homeless woman was spotted in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The resemblance to Basteri, the fact that she had an Italian accent and that she refused to reveal her identity suggested that she was actually Luis Miguel's mother. But the woman in question categorically denied being Marcella Basteri.

Who has seen? therefore he returns to the case dealing with it in several episodes. On March 10, the images of Luis Miguel dressed in white are re-proposed at the Sanremo Festival, the photos of the beautiful Marcella Basteri are shown and the relationship of the singer with his father is addressed, a very hard man who was his manager and who wanted to turn him into a money machine, until he turns 18 Luis pushes him away. Then the singer is shown the following year in Sanremo when he dedicates a song to his mother calling her "Marcela" in Spanish. Luis Miguel now lives in a very private way and no longer speaks in public about the disappearance of his mother.

Luis Miguel Eros Ramazzotti

Luis Miguel and Eros Ramazzotti in 1985

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