Luisa Ranieri, private viewing in a bathrobe: the backstage of the Oscars on Instagram

Luisa Ranieri

Shared on Instagram the video of Luisa Ranieri in a bathrobe while doing make-up and hair for the night of the Oscars: a marvel

Luisa Ranieri in a bathrobe in her hotel room as she prepares to set fire to the red carpet of the 2022 Oscars. A private version of Luca Zingaretti’s beautiful wife was unveiled on Instagram and once again left everyone breathless.

The red mermaid dress, signed Versace, that Luisa Ranieri chose for the night of the Oscars was one of the most admired. The Italian actress walked the red carpet together with Paolo Sorrentino in nomination with his film It was the hand of God which unfortunately did not win the statuette.

Luisa Ranieri, vision in a bathrobe

To achieve her perfect look, Ranieri underwent a hair and make-up session, entrusting herself to the hands of skilled professionals. And here comes the famous private video, shared on Instagram by the hair stylist of the stars, Domenica Ricciardi. In the clip, Montalbano’s wife is preparing for the big Hollywood night, presumably in her hotel room.

Sitting on a chair, she wears a pale pink Versace bathrobe with the famous gold medusa on the edges of the sleeves, the décolleté left uncovered just enough to allow hair stylists and make-up artists to work. The first struggling with the curling iron to create the magnificent waves of the hairstyle that made Ranieri look like a diva of the past, the second is instead focused on her eye makeup. With a brush she fades the inner line to give a sense of depth to her gaze.

The final result is known to all and made Luisa Ranieri one of the most beautiful and elegant actresses of the night of the Oscars and even if It was the hand of God did not win, she certainly will not be forgotten. On Instagram she has been defined as “the Italian pride” and the compliments for her look are endless: “One of the most beautiful Italian actresses ever. Beautiful, elegant, refined. “. “Beautiful but above all natural! ❤️ always sunny and elegant 🔝”.

Luisa Ranieri, The investigations of Lolita Lobosco 2

Meanwhile, with the Hollywood experience archived, Luisa is expected to return to TV with the second season of Lolita Lobosco’s Investigations. The actress herself announced the start of filming with a post on social media in the company of Lunetta Savino who in the fiction plays the mother of the assistant superintendent. It will shoot until July for a total of six episodes, but there is still no certain date for airing.

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