Luisa Ranieri: the report card of her looks

Luisa Ranieri: the report card of her looks

Mediterranean, elegant and refined, Luisa Ranieri has a composed and chic style: let's see her looks together!

The Neapolitan actress Luisa Ranieri is a beautiful example of Mediterranean physicality who wears a clean, sober and elegant style. Let's see some of her looks together!

Luisa Ranieri, the report card of her looks: in a double-breasted black dress

I admit that when I looked for the photos for this post I struggled to choose which ones to include: Luisa is flawless in all looks! Even if, as you will see, he often prefers black, his outfits are by no means monotonous or obvious and indeed, they are always perfectly suited to his physiognomy and his colors. For me then, I tell you already, his is one of the best report cards!

Let's see this first look together: Luisa has a soft and Mediterranean body. The waistline and the décolleté are two of its strengths, along with the thin ankles. With this look Luisa dresses up highlighting her curves without getting bandaged. Then the choice of the colored shoe with the ankle strap fits perfectly: it makes the look more jaunty and fresh. Beautiful beautiful. Vote 9.

Luisa Ranieri black

Luisa Ranieri, the report card of her looks: in black (but not total look!)

Here too I like Luisa very much: the high-waisted trousers accompany the hip and the choice of the soft but short sweater helps to raise the center of gravity by lengthening the legs and slimming the figure. Also nice is the red lipstick that illuminates it in a natural way. I also really liked the choice of the colored suede shoe, to break the monotony of total black. Brava! Rated 8 and a half.

Luisa Ranieri black

Luisa Ranieri, the report card of her looks: in total black

Square neckline, high waist, midi length and décolleté: practically a concentrate of elegant femininity! The choice of cap sleeves frames the shoulders without wrapping the arms and the cut of the dress allows you to accompany the hips without squeezing them. With slender ankles and calves like hers, then the midi length is not an obstacle, quite the contrary! Super chic. Rated 8 and a half.

Luisa Ranieri black

Luisa Ranieri, the report card of her looks: in a white shirt and teal skirt

I also like Luisa very much in white, the color that illuminates her. The choice of a shirt with a soft cut, tucked into the skirt and left blouse, is right. Even the skirt, with a high waist and midi length, works on her physiognomy, a bit like the dress above: it accompanies the body without wrapping it, in a chic and natural way. Vote 8.

Luisa Ranieri ottanio

Luisa Ranieri, the report card of her looks: in red

This is perhaps Luisa's look that I like least. Red is a little too warm for its colors and, while the cut of the jacket is perfect for her, the trousers don't convince me: they fold too many folds and fall too long on the shoe. If it had been a couple of centimeters shorter it would have been perfect. Even the red-on-red shoe is a little too much. Grade 7.

Luisa Ranieri red

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