Lung cancer, how to take care of the woman

Lung cancer, how to take care of the woman

“I have full lungs” is the awareness campaign promoted by Walce Onlus for the month of November, with testimonials from the world of sport and entertainment

November. Like every year, the “World Lung Cancer Awareness Month” is back. And the new communication campaign promoted by WALCE Onlus, (Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe – Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe), an association created to inform, support and support patients and families in the fight against lung cancer, starts again. The goal is to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and the need to respond to the needs of patients, who are increasingly women. The figures say it. “During the period of the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy we recorded a million more smokers” explains Silvia Novello, Professor of Oncology at the University of Turin and President of Walce Onlus. “In Italy today there are 11 million and 300 thousand smokers, of which 5 million and 800 thousand women. And among women there has been an increase in the incidence and mortality of this form of cancer “.

A campaign close to patients

Given the progress of therapies and the possibility of experts to obtain a real identity card of the different types of cancer and therefore study targeted treatments based on their characteristics, there are many needs that must be answered. In this sense, the “SemplicementeIO” project fits in. “It is an initiative close to patients because it deals with what is not” therapy “in the classic sense, but is equally important in terms of quality of life”, the expert continues. “Just think of the possibility of better managing the side effects, of being able to have a taxi transport together with those who provide assistance in the family, of being able to have nutritional advice with simple recipes that can help in particular those who have a locally advanced disease and therefore it needs a targeted diet “. In short, there is a need to turn the spotlight on this pathology, starting from the beginning with the right behaviors that allow you to limit the risks. And the challenge of smoking, in this sense, is the first key step to remember. At all ages. This is where the new WALCE Onlus campaign “I have full lungs” is inserted, which aims to raise awareness and inform young people and adults on various aspects relating to the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, visible in November on the social channels of WALCE Onlus, Instagram and Facebook, with ad hoc media planning. To support the awareness campaign some personalities from the world of sport and entertainment: Milena Baldassarri, Caterina Balivo, Cristina Chirichella, Francesca Dallapè, Aurora Galli, Serena Garitta, Manuela Giugliano, Mike Maric, Simone Nolasco, Giorgia Palmas, Federica Panicucci, Giulia Pauselli, Massimiliano Rosolino. With a “full lung” social challenge, they will try to read in one breath a text with some of the most common clichés and false myths about lung cancer, to raise attention to this very widespread but little known neoplasm.

Be MuTual Days, the patient is the protagonist

Among the various initiatives, for the first time in Italy, Be MuTual Days is held, an event entirely dedicated to patients suffering from non-small cell lung cancer, with a specific molecular alteration that guides therapy at an advanced stage. “The initiative stems from a need of patients and family members to meet and discuss common issues, to try to design action plans that can facilitate access to genetic testing, innovative drugs and clinical protocols as well as favoring a complete care of patients and their needs ”says Silvia Novello. “There is no doubt that in Italy, unlike other European countries and unlike the United States, there are no strong patient associations specifically committed to single molecular alterations such as EGFR, ALK, ROS, BRAF and others. This is why WALCE facilitates and organizes this meeting that will see them all together, coming from many Italian cities, with their families and the possibility of interacting directly with medical and nursing staff, with psychologists, representatives of scientific societies and institutions for a moment of discussion. and discussion “.

Among the topics under the magnifying glass are the main news on the pathology that affects these patients, and therefore on molecular targeted therapies in the field of diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, we talk about the importance of clinical studies and the role of patients also in the approval processes of the clinical trial. There are many clinical trials active in Italy, yet one third of patients never hear of clinical trials in their entire history of disease. “Even supportive therapy is a little dealt with: we often focus on new tests, new drugs, neglecting everything that accompanies care, from pain therapy, to treatment of cough, fatigue and other symptoms, up to support psychological ”concludes Silvia Novello. “With a final moral: it is important not only to cure but” take care “of the sick person”.

In collaboration with WALCE Onlus – Women Against Lung Cancer in Europe

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