Macrobiotic diet: reduce cholesterol and lose weight

Macrobiotic diet: reduce cholesterol and lose weight

With the macrobiotic diet, defeat cholesterol and lose weight by changing your lifestyle

The 5 anti-cholesterol legumes and diabetes

The macrobiotic diet not only helps to reduce cholesterol and lose weight, but also to change our lifestyle.

This diet is in fact a real philosophy, which involves every aspect of existence, and draws its origins from antiquity. The macrobiotic diet starts from a very important basic principle: man must be in balance with the world and to reach this state he needs food. According to experts on this subject, everything in the Universe derives from the contrast between Yin and Yang.

This principle also applies to food. This means that any disorder affects us is determined by an incorrect combination of elements. Obesity, intestinal problems, swollen belly and migraine can be resolved by rediscovering the lost balance.

How does the macrobiotic diet work in practice? Each meal should contain 50-60% of whole grains, 25% of vegetables, 15% of legumes and 10% of soups. It always starts with a miso soup that serves to prepare the digestive system to receive food. This dish contains whole grains, cooked and raw vegetables and legumes, all elements that help to counter cholesterol and give an immediate sense of satiety.

At the water post instead you can drink bancha tea, which is very refreshing, contains very little theine and helps purify the body. The macrobiotic diet includes a list of foods to be consumed daily, such as brown rice, buckwheat, corn and millet. There is also plenty of space for the roots, green leafy vegetables and round shape. This diet recommends bringing legumes to the table, such as peas, soy, beans, chickpeas and lentils. Seeds, pickles and fruit are also allowed.

The macrobiotic diet is mainly vegetarian, but consumption of white meat and fish is allowed twice a week. Red meat instead must be completely eliminated and replaced with algae, rich in nutrients and useful for reducing cholesterol and keeping pressure under control. Try the Kombu seaweed, the Wakame and the Nori, perfect for flavoring any dish or alone.

In any case, consult your doctor before starting the diet.

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