Madalina Ghenea confirms her love with Nicolò Zaniolo on Instagram

Madalina Ghenea confirms her love with Nicolò Zaniolo on Instagram

After numerous indiscretions, Madalina Ghenea confirms her love with Nicolò Zaniolo on Instagram

Rome Film Festival, Madalina Ghenea lights up the Scorsese red carpet

Madalina Ghenea confirms her love with Nicolò Zaniolo on Instagram. The model and the footballer came out after weeks of gossip and rumors. In fact, for some time there was talk of a secret relationship between Ghenea and Zaniolo, currently stopped due to a knee injury. After leaving his historic girlfriend Sara Scaperrotta, the Roma player would have found happiness in Madalina's arms.

The couple came out on Instagram, where the model confirmed the love story in a very particular way. In fact, Ghenea answered the question of a fan who asked: "Can I kiss you all 25 hours on 24?". The model then quoted the Giallorossi footballer asking ironically: "What do you say?". Zaniolo shared the story again, adding two emojis in love.

There are twelve years of difference between Nicolò and Madalina. The footballer is in fact 21 years old, while the model 32. Ghenea is also the mother of a little girl, born in 2017 from the relationship with Matei Stratan, a Romanian tycoon. Beautiful and fascinating, she has trod the catwalks all over the world and in Italy she was among the protagonists of the Sanremo Festival and of Dancing with the Stars. In his past there is a love story with Leonardo Del Vecchio, the son of the owner of Luxottica, but also with Hollywood stars such as Gerard Butler and Michael Fassbender. “I don't think they were wrong stories, on the contrary – he revealed some time ago at Vanity Fair -. They are wonderful artists, and I've always been drawn to artists. They are profound people from whom one can only learn, certainly not easy, because they are constantly exposed to the media. But they made me grow and understand what I really want ”.

“Everyone, and I really mean everyone, would have liked to marry me – Madalina Ghenea had revealed -. But not as a vague intention: they made me the proposal, the real one. Faced with my no, or my escape, these loves are over […] I do not go to parties, I am not worldly, and if not to be rude, I show up at an event, you find me in a corner, chatting with someone. They are men I met for work, during film festivals, I did not look for them and it was always they who came to me. The idea that we can see a plan offends me ".

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