Maddalena Corvaglia: "My secret is …"

Maddalena Corvaglia: "My secret is ..."

The showgirl revealed her beauty secrets and in particular how she manages to have such a bright smile

"Smile is the best make-up a woman can wear," said Marilyn Monroe. And who better than she could know. Even today the importance of the smile is universally known. The act of smiling indicates, in general, a disposition to relational contact, an openness towards others. In fact, among all the facial expressions, a smile represents a moment of universal and contagious non-verbal communication that gives joy to those who do it and to the interlocutor, breaking down every barrier of language, age and culture.

And who better than Maddalena Corvaglia (WATCH THE INTERVIEW), with her open and bright smile, could talk about her importance: "The smile is a weapon that one must know how to use" declared the showgirl, whom we interviewed at the presentation conference of the Listerine mouthwash "We often focus on make-up, without realizing that we have a smile but we don't value it".

And to enhance it you also need to know how to choose the right colors for make-up, as explained by make-up artist Mikaela Alleyson: "The mouth is at the center of eros, but we must also know how to enhance it and then choose the right lipstick. Consideration should be given to the shape of the mouth but also to the color of the teeth. The shades of lipstick that contain yellow and orange highlight the yellow of the teeth. We must therefore choose lipsticks that contain the shades of blue: from cyclamen to plum, from mallow to burgundy. Among other things, they are very trendy colors for the winter, the slightly vampire make-up is fashionable ”.

To preserve a beautiful smile, but that is also healthy, however, precautions must be taken, as explained by Professor Gianna Maria Nardi, dental hygienist and researcher at the Sapienza University of Rome: “In the oral cavity we have 900 species of different bacteria. We must disorganize them so that they do not couple in a negative way. A combined mechanical action is therefore necessary – with the toothbrush – and chemical – with the mouthwash. This ensures perfect dental hygiene and fresh breath, which has proved to be one of the most persistent problems for social relations ".

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