Maddalena Corvaglia vacuumed on Instagram, then slipped: the accident is viral

Maddalena Corvaglia vacuumed on Instagram, then slipped: the accident is viral

Maddalena Corvaglia vacuumed on roller skates, but made a mistake and slipped to the ground

Maddalena Corvaglia vacuumed on Instagram and slipped: the fall of the former tissue paper of Striscia la Notizia goes viral. The model has conquered everyone with a video that reveals, once again, she has her great irony. In the clip, shared in the Instagram Stories and commented by the journalist Alberto Dandolo, Maddalena cleans up with a very particular outfit.

Passionate about sports and always ready to test herself, the Apulian model tried to vacuum the cleaner wearing a leotard and roller skates. An impossible feat even for her who, after a short attempt, slipped to the ground, between laughter and amazement. The clip had a lot of fun for the fans and quickly went viral, showing his innate sympathy. Born in 1980, Corvaglia is one of the most loved showgirls ever. Paired with Elisabetta Canalis, she formed the pair of tissues – one blonde, the other brunette – most loved ever.

The model has always been a great sportswoman and passionate about extreme and particular disciplines. "I love combat disciplines, such as kick boxing and krav maga – he confessed to Starbene some time ago – an excellent self-defense technique that also teaches how to manage panic situations. In a nutshell, perfect for us women, I recommend it to everyone. Then there is pole dance and other aerial disciplines with circles and fabrics, but I also love the exercises at the bar of calisthenics, which help build a toned and feminine physique at the same time. Whatever happens to me within range and I enjoy it becomes my new game. An example? For some time now I've been crazy about skateboarding ”.

Maddalena recently moved to Italy, after having lived for some time in the United States where she had moved to follow her friend Elisabetta. The two in Los Angeles had created a gym, joining the company, and Canalis had stayed with Corvaglia in the most complicated period of her life, during the divorce from Stef Burns, father of her daughter Jamie.

Then a dispute, confirmed by both, but never commented, and a departure that, even today, fans can not explain. If Canalis has repeatedly refused to talk about the relationship with Maddalena, the former colleague celebrated her 40 years with her new partner Alessandro Viani, without inviting her to the party.

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