Made In Sud, Gino Fastidio out of the show for the dispute with Gregoraci: the truth

Made In Sud, Gino Fastidio out of the show for the dispute with Gregoraci: the truth

Is Gino Fastidio absent from Made In Sud because of Elisabetta Gregoraci with whom he had quarreled? The truth

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The great absent of Made In Sud is undoubtedly him, Gino Fastidio, protagonist, last year, of a dispute with Elisabetta Gregoraci. The broadcast reopened its doors after a long stop, returning to the air with the whole cast. To lead Fatima Trotta and Stefano De Martino who have obtained, since the first episode, record plays. Many fans, however, have noticed the absence of Gino Fastidio which has inevitably been linked to the clash that took place behind the scenes with Flavio Briatore's ex-wife.

But let's go in order. During the Made In Sud recordings, about a year ago, Gino Fastidio had clashed backstage with Gregoraci. A dispute that had caused a lot of discussion and that had prompted the comedian to apologize to the showgirl in front of the audience. “Elizabeth, I am very keen to apologize – he had said giving her a rose -. I brought you this rose. For me, gas means all beautiful things, and you are a beautiful thing. " She accepted the appeal: "I accept your apologies, but tonight you have to make me a promise: you have to promise me that you have to love yourself more".

The episode ended like this and Elizabeth on Instagram replied to users by telling the clash. "I was passing in the corridor and he pulled me by the arm, shouted swearing and did it with several people. It was not well … yes, unfortunately without motivation unlike written things. " To followers who asked if the comedian would be kicked out of the program for his behavior, he replied: "No, there will be."

But when Made In Sud returned to the small screen, Gino Fastidio did not appear. Fault of the dispute with Gregoraci? Apparently not. According to what revealed by Fanpage, who contacted the Productions Tunnel, the comedian would not be in the cast because in recent months he has not prepared a new character to present to the public. His absence, therefore, would not be linked to the past conflicts with Elizabeth. The showgirl, on the other hand, has left the broadcast and soon, according to rumors, she will be at GF Vip. In its place Fatima Trotta and Stefano De Martino, ready to collect new successes.

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