Made In Sud: Stefano De Martino embarrassedly says goodbye to Belen

Belen Rodriguez

Stefano De Martino greets Belen Rodriguez at Made In Sud after rumors about the crisis

Embarrassment for Stefano De Martino at Made In Sud: during the last episode of the comic show, the conductor, at the center of the gossip for the alleged crisis with Belen, greeted Rodriguez. The two ended up in the eye of the hurricane for several weeks after the showgirl confirmed the crisis in a video posted on Instagram in which she appeared very tried and sad.

"This is a very difficult moment for me, also because I didn't expect it – he revealed -, I don't even take responsibility for the blame because I'm a mom, I care about my family, I care about my relationship". On the contrary, De Martino appeared determined not to make statements. “I made peace with this thing – he had confessed to Corriere della Sera – it is a direct consequence of this exposure. But you have to make peace and be calm, live with it peacefully, be careful of bad information on the web where you read atrocious things. The solution is to ignore. I don't want to talk about it – he concluded -, not out of respect, but out of maturity. Things must be kept within the walls of your home. I prefer to talk only about work, to get people used to a sort of discretion ”.

In the last episode of Made In Sud, however, Stefano was forced to speak again about Belen, thanks to a comic sketch. On stage, in fact, Peppe Iodice teased him about the rumors about the crisis with Argentina. “Listen to me, listen to me, I have to ask you questions. I don't want to go into intimate and privacy, but I have to ask you if there are any news, "began the comedian, referring to the crisis with Rodriguez.

De Martino initially evaded the question: "No news, the infections have also decreased", he replied, but Iodice did not give up: "But stop it, but who cares? All is well at home? The situation has unlocked … Then I bring you greetings from a person. Rodriguez affectionately greets you, what should I say? ". At that point Stefano, in evident embarrassment, was forced not only to respond, but also to say goodbye to Belen during Made In Sud: “Tell her that I greet you so much – she said -. Return the warm greetings to Belen ”.

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