Magalli-Cirillo, the clash does not stop: Adriana Volpe also intervenes

Magalli-Cirillo, the clash does not stop: Adriana Volpe also intervenes

Despite the lawsuit, the clash between Giancarlo Magalli and Marcello Cirillo continues. And Adriana Volpe intervenes to help the singer

The dispute between Giancarlo Magalli and Marcello Cirillo shows no sign of abating. The two, who worked together on the Rai Uno program I Fatti Vostri, continue to launch arrows and mutual accusations. In recent days, moreover, the conductor has announced that he wants to sue the singer. The latter, to defend himself, published a long release post on his Instagram profile. And, to give him a hand, Adriana Volpe also intervened.

A blow and response, that between Magalli and Cirillo, therefore, which seems to continue without the possibility of finding a meeting point. Marcello, in fact, took the defense of his colleague and friend Adriana Volpe, with whom he also participated in the Beijing Express, stating, in an interview with the weekly Nuovo, that both were driven out of I Fatti Vostri at the behest of the conductor.

Cyril also stressed Magalli's malice by arguing that he would also be ironic about his mother's illness. Words that, as you can imagine, the conductor has not digested. By declaring that he never sent anyone away from the program, he decided to proceed with a complaint against the singer.

The decision to bring the dispute to the legal level, however, has not calmed the public controversy. Cyril, in fact, commented on the social media decision of the presenter with reference to his recent attack on the Fox:

You know what I think, that that emoticon with which you advised Adriana Volpe to keep quiet (post that you bravely removed from Facebook) maybe you should dedicate it to yourself. Dear my 'courteous querelator'. Again you missed another chance to shut up.

The Fox also intervened, who certainly could not remain to observe in silence the umpteenth dispute between Marcello Cirillo and his arch enemy:

Dear Marcello, also denying the evidence shows that you urgently need phosphorus – said the presenter in a comment -. It is appropriate to say that here "memory has short legs" … what a bad figure!

In short, once again very little was enough to ignite the minds of Giancarlo Magalli, Marcello Cirillo and Adriana Volpe. Is this the last act of a battle that has been going on for some time or will there be other clashes?

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