Magnetic Letizia of Spain with the white polka dot dress: made in Italy

Letizia of Spain flies to Lisbon for a day and wears the Emporio Armani black polka dot dress that we all must have

Letizia of Spain, pajama suit and perfect t-shirt

Letizia of Spain kicks off her working week with a one-day trip to Portugal with her husband Felipe. And for the occasion she retrieves the white polka dot dress by Emporio Armani which is simply fabulous from her wardrobe.

After having recycled the black leather dress and sported a new unconvincing lilac suit, Letizia di Spagna goes on the safe side in terms of looks by choosing the perfect midi dress, which we all should have. And what’s more it is made in Italy.

Polka dot dress

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Reina Letizia inaugurated the Botton-Champalimaud Pancreatic Cáncer Center in Lisbon, together with Felipe and the Portuguese President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. The formal and very serious occasion deserves a highly representative look that is both sober and free from frivolity.

Donna Letizia found all these characteristics in the white dress with small black polka dots, signed Emporio Armani, for 380 euros, which she wore only on another occasion, on February 14, 2020 during a visit to Rocío.

It is a dress with a soft cut, long to the ankles, skirt with small pleats, 3/4 sleeves with ruffles on the sleeves that give a touch of femininity to the already bon ton model. Letizia personalizes the look with a thin black leather belt that marks the waist giving impetus to the figure. Polka dots on the other hand are much loved by Her Majesty and she always chooses them for refined outfits, when the meetings are of high representation.

Felipe of Spain Letizia of Spain Portuguese president

Letizia of Spain with the polka dot dress, the photo was shared on Twitter

On the other hand, after the inauguration of the medical center, Letizia and Felipe were expected for an official lunch with the Portuguese President in the Plaza de la Ciudadela de Cascais. Therefore, the Reina needed to wear an outfit that was suitable for a meeting with heads of state and that at the same time was fresh and not creased to withstand all the appointments of the day.

For her short visit to Lisbon, the Queen opted for her classic black décolletées by Manolo Blahnik and a bag with a chain by Nina Ricci, a Marchè model from 1,090 euros. While in 2020 he had preferred Carolina Herrera suede shoes.

The choice of wearing a Giorgio Armani brand dress also appears as a tribute by Letizia di Spagna to the Italian designer who recently celebrated 40 years of career. Moreover, it was to him that she had entrusted her white look worn on the day the marriage with Felipe was announced.

Felipe of Spain Letizia of Spain 2020

Letizia of Spain with the polka dot dress in 2020

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