Make up: 7 tricks to make it last all day

Make up: 7 tricks to make it last all day

Making the make-up last all day is a matter of small steps. Find out how to always be impeccable

To be in place from morning to night, the golden rule is to pay proper attention to make-up routines. Small gestures or precautions that seem superfluous are actually important to make the make-up last and always guarantee us a fresh effect, even in the middle of the busiest day, when the list of commitments is still long. The first step? Put our recommendations into practice.

Take care of your skin

A lasting make-up starts with a healthy skin and therefore an impeccable routine skincare. We will never tire of repeating how important it is to clean the skin in the right way by removing all traces of makeup and often giving yourself a delicate scrub. It is also essential to apply the most suitable moisturizer to you, preceded by a specific serum if your skin is mature or has specific needs.

The diet for the skin

What does diet have to do with skin wellness? Very much, actually, because hydration also depends on what we drink and eat. Remember to always drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers that keep the body clean, preventing toxins from appearing on the skin in the form of pimples.

Use a primer

Primer is essential to make makeup last, especially in the presence of imperfections such as large pores or redness. There are different formulations, you can choose one that enhances the brightness of the skin, it will be an excellent base for a perfect make-up until evening.

When to apply the concealer

Do you usually apply concealer to reduce dark circles? If the answer is yes, remember to apply the foundation or BB cream first and then the concealer at the points where it is needed. If you apply the concealer first, when you go to the foundation you risk ruining the result by fusing the two products and nullifying the effects.

Conclude with a touch of powder

The powder is very useful to prolong the make-up duration. Apply it gently with a brush after finishing your routine. The powder has among its merits that of giving a uniform complexion without weighing too much the final result and that of absorbing the excess of sebum that would end up creating the shiny effect for those with particularly oily skin.

Don't touch your face

It seems banal but – thoughtlessly – we often put our fingers on the face. Our hands are not perfectly clean all day, so this apparently harmless gesture ends up carrying germs and bacteria on the epidermis and ruining the uniformity of make-up. Avoiding it is essential.

Wipes on hand

Do you have very oily skin that tends to become shiny? Keep a pack of absorbent sebum wipes in your purse, they are a useful emergency remedy to always feel perfectly in place.

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