Make up after the "door": 5 secrets for a perfect make-up

Here is a natural and sophisticated makeup perfect for women who are no longer in their twenties

A perfect make-up for the over 40s takes small steps aimed at giving a healthy and homogeneous complexion, correcting wrinkles and skin imperfections.

Once past the "door" you don't have to give up your beauty, but improve your appearance, with a makeup appropriate to your age.
The concealer hides the dark circles and relaxes the small wrinkles of the skin, giving a more fresh and youthful appearance. There are liquid or creamy concealers on the market, with an anti-age action.

The foundation. After forty years, with the drop in estrogen, the skin becomes drier and more sensitive and needs to be hydrated daily. The foundation is a good smoothing base for makeup, plus it moisturizes the skin of the face, giving it a homogeneous and luminous appearance. Spreading the foundation on the face will give a covering effect for small wrinkles.

Powder is an impalpable powder that gives a smooth effect. Applying it with a brush will fix the powder evenly, giving a shaded effect that will complete the makeup base. Choosing a powder that is not too light but tending to gold will calibrate the redness of the skin over 40. Applying a blush on the cheekbones will sculpt the cheeks naturally.

The over 40 eye shadow make-up is indicated in warm and opaque shades of beige, avoiding pastel colors and pearly nuances, belonging to a more youthful look. Creating light spots in the inner corners of the eyes will make the eyelid appear less sagging. The eyebrows with age become more sparse, it is advisable to thicken them with an eyeliner pencil.

The lipstick in pink tones is perfect to outline the lips, which over the years tend to thin, putting on makeup with a pencil in a darker shade will define the outline. Applying a little gloss to the center of the lips will create a light point that will highlight its shape. A more sober make-up, which avoids the choice of bright reds, becomes more sophisticated.

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