Make up for an irresistible mouth

Make up for an irresistible mouth

Whether you have thin or fleshy lips, discover all the tricks to best enhance their beauty

The lips are an extremely sexy part of the body: to have an irresistible mouth it is essential to enhance it to the full, emphasizing its strengths and correcting some small defects. Make-up comes to our aid, just knowing the tricks, but also letting go and daring the nuances that we would never have thought of, like the intense red that is the trend of the autumn-winter 2017 season.

The musts: scrub and conditioner

To have an irresistible mouth, the first, fundamental step is a delicate scrub or a gommage to rid the lips of cutaneous and dead skin cells and make them softer. You can do it in the shower or just before applying makeup, in order to take advantage of the turgid effect given by the simple massage. Then apply a layer of cocoa butter or a moisturizing lip balm that nourishes and protects against atmospheric agents, especially with the arrival of the first cold weather.

Tricks for thin lips

If you have thin lips, to have a mouth to kiss you have many tricks to put on the field. You can bet on a lip plumper with natural ingredients like mint, cinnamon and ginger that favor the flow of blood and therefore create a slight swelling, or on a volumizing primer that increases the hold of lipsticks and glosses. Alternatively, you can apply a touch of foundation or concealer to minimize the contours and, after having fixed it with powder, you can draw the outline with a pencil remaining one millimeter outside.

Use a pencil of the same color as the lipstick and draw the outline in small strokes for a more precise result. To make thin lips irresistible, avoid dark colors, which would make them look even more thread-like, and focus on light colors such as pink, beige, peach, light bronze, or bright colors like bright cherries. Pearly glosses that reflect light and naturally create a volumizing effect are also excellent. The final touch? A little gloss in the center of the lips.

Tricks for full lips

Full lips are a dream for many women because they give a decisive and sensual look, just think of the iconic Angelina Jolie ones. How to make them up to enhance their charm, but don't overdo it? First of all the colors: the musts are burgundy, pink and brown, but in reality there are no foreclosures, the only advice is to choose matte shades, focusing on the more sober ones for the day.

To enhance the natural turgidity of the lips, after the primer, draw the contours with a pencil of the same color as the lipstick and then apply it with a small brush starting from the center of the lips towards the outside. After dabbing with a tissue, repeat the application. If you want your lips to look less fleshy, instead, apply a layer of foundation to soften the contours, fix it with powder and then trace the outline with the pencil while remaining slightly inside the natural edge. Complete with a nude lipstick, light red or in shades of pink.

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