Make up: tips for those with blonde hair

Make up: tips for those with blonde hair

Here's how to enhance your colors: everything you need to know to make you stand out better with make-up

Whether you are natural blonde or by choice, it is important to focus on the right make-up to enhance your colors. Contrary to what we think blond girls are not all the same: there are those with fair skin, "Swedish", or tanned, "Californian". Furthermore, the color of the eyes plays a big difference on the colors to use in your own make up routine. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your face.

The base

Tip on the light. There is nothing better than a good illuminant that avoids the washed out effect and enhances the brightness of the blonde. If you have a very pale complexion, focus on a more opaque light with cool shades. If, on the other hand, you have a more amber complexion, focus on warm lighting with colors ranging from golden to caramel.

The eyes

The eyebrow pencil is indispensable. The blond softens the facial features and it is important to frame the look well to exalt it to the fullest. If you have very light hair you can darken your eyebrows a little bit, but it applies to everyone having black and well-defined eyelashes that open and look at it and complete the make-up.

Choose the eye shadow based on the color of your eyes

With blue eyes eyeliner and eyeshadow of a color tending to black (gray, ash blue, silver, etc.) are a beautiful effect solution. If you want to play with the blue of your eyes, choose an eye shadow very similar to the color of your iris, but be careful not to overdo it. Alternatively a smokey eye using bronze is the solution that will make your eyes stand out. If you have brown eyes, you probably have slightly darker eyebrows that are the strength of your look. Make it stand out by using eye shadows in deep colors like deep green, purple, blue and a line of eyeliner. For green eyes, the watchword is definition: wide, then, with black and gray shaded pencils or eyeliner with lots of mascara. For eye shadows, use the shades of burgundy: from purple through plum to lilac.


On the blondes the red lipstick immediately becomes a twenties Hollywood diva and the rest of the look fades into the background. If you want to wear your favorite red lipstick then keep the rest of the light make-up like Claire Danes in the picture.
For other colors based on your complexion and your eyes. If you have brown eyes you can wear anything.
With blue eyes the full and cold fuchsia on the lips will make your eyes stand out. If you have green eyes, the warm colors are the ones that are right for you, such as strawberry pink, coral fuchsia and apricot orange. Finally, for an almost vampire look, combine a dark lipstick with a smokey eye: the pale complexion and hair color will do the rest.

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