Makeup back to school: makeup to go to school

Makeup back to school: makeup to go to school

Back to school is upon us, here’s how to make a simple everyday makeup for middle school and high school

Back to school makeup is the ideal makeup not only for back to school, but also if you are looking for a simple makeup for every day. There are those who prefer to sleep a little more in the morning and those who wake up earlier just to be able to put on make-up, in this article we make everyone happy. Whether it’s a make-up for middle school or a make-up for high school, remember that these are just tips and that everyone is free to express their personality with makeup as they like.

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  • Back to school make-up: the watchword is freshness
  • The make-up for middle school, light and natural
  • High school makeup: times have changed
    • The face base
    • Eyebrows
    • Eye makeup
    • Lips

Back to school make-up: the watchword is freshness

A simple everyday make-up or school make-up should be fresh, easy and quick to make, yet no less well-groomed. The ideal is a light face base, which can be applied without too much stress and without the need to blend foundation, concealer, cream blush, cream earth, powder, contouring earth, bronzer, blush and highlighter. There are those who prefer to do it in the morning but, let’s be honest, most people are looking for practical and quick solutions to be in order in no time.

It is therefore better to use a BB Cream, a colored cream or a foundation with a light and not too full-bodied texture, to be applied with a beauty blender or with your fingers. Correct any discoloration, imperfections and dark circles with concealer and a veil of powder in the T-zone if you have oily skin to avoid shine, blush and a little earth for a quick contouring.

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For the eyes, it depends on age and style. There are those who prefer to apply just a little mascara, those who do not give up on eyeliner or black pencil and those who, on the other hand, even in the morning, love to make a more complete eye make-up with eye shadows. However, it is better to avoid too complicated glitter or makeup that need many shades, such as smokey eyes or halo smokey eyes, because the result could be a blotchy makeup.

On the lips, however, avoid liquid or too opaque lipsticks, which could dry out lips already put to the test by air conditioning and heating but above all not so fast or to apply and retouch. Colored lip balms, glosses, cream lipsticks are the types on which to make the choice while for the colors, they tend to vary according to age.

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The make-up for middle school, light and natural

The makeup for middle school is certainly more refined than a decade ago but, given the young age and perhaps the unfamiliarity with the world of makeup, it is better not to overdo it. It is useless to ban makeup even at a young age if it is requested, because girls and boys are bombarded with makeup tutorials on social media and therefore approach this world very soon.

It is a complicated age when you could suffer from acne, so a light but covering foundation could be a solution, without getting too noticeable effect or a mask. If the skin has no imperfections, it can instead be left natural or even the complexion with a colored cream.

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Natural eyebrows are the best and most practical choice, especially because they are still beautiful bushy at a young age. More than makeup, you can think of resorting to the skilled hands of a beautician who arranges them and gives them a shape, and then keeps them at bay with a simple transparent gel to comb and fix them.

A swipe of brown or transparent mascara is what it takes to define the eye, open it and immediately give a neat and well-groomed look, without really making up the eyes. For the lips, on the other hand, a transparent lip balm is also useful to keep them hydrated. Alternatively, a slightly tinted gloss or cocoa butter, which does not dye the lips too much, also easy to reapply during school hours.

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High school makeup: times have changed

The makeup of today’s 14-year-olds is certainly not that of years ago, thanks to social media, very young infuencers and easy-to-access video tutorials. Also in this case, banning make-up not only often equates to making young people who would like to approach this world feel uncomfortable, marginalizing them from what their mates do, but it could lead them to wear make-up in secret, perhaps even heavier than they would do. if they were free to express their willingness to go to school with a little makeup.

Instead, try to advise and support children who want to wear makeup, directing them to understand what suits them best, their style and helping them understand how to make a simple makeup for high school. If you are looking for some advice, we try to give you some useful ideas.

blonde girl blue eyes light makeup

The face base

Also in this case, the face base is better to make it light with products that are not heavy and full-bodied, but if the skin has numerous imperfections it could create discomfort and therefore a more covering foundation is the most suitable choice. Unless it is severe acne or many imperfections, if there is only a few, it is better to opt for a light foundation, which uniforms the complexion and is almost invisible, then going to cover dark circles and correct any pimples with some corrector.

The powder is applied to the T-zone or to fix the concealer, but without exaggerating. Instead, it is better to carry some absorbing wipes with you in your backpack, so as not to have to reapply the powder but dabbing the areas that are polished with these tissues, to keep the makeup intact. Before the powder, however, a touch of blush is what it takes to give the face a fresh and young look, because we know that the makeup tends to give us a few more years. Choose a cream blush, easier to blend and with a more natural effect, but if you have combination or oily skin, powder textures are better.

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To complete the face base, for the eyebrows you can range from a simple transparent gel if they already have a beautiful shape to a colored eyebrow gel, perhaps to darken them slightly. For those who need to redraw the contours or fill some holes, the pencil is preferable in a slightly lighter shade so as not to make the eyebrows too defined and dark. Better still apply a little eye shadow in your eyebrow color with a brush, for a more natural result, but above all fast and with less margin for error.

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Eye makeup

For eye makeup, listen to what your children ask you and their tastes or, if you are reading this article yourself, try to understand what you like. You will have time to experiment with all types of makeup and above all you can indulge yourself outside of school, this does not mean that you do not have to wear makeup even during the day. A heavy dose of mascara is always a good idea, especially for the lazy or late risers. This step already gives definition to the eye and makes the look more awake.

But if you can’t do without eyeshadow, choose neutral shades or medium browns, very easy to blend by applying the color directly with a blending brush and then spreading the edges to avoid detachment. Even slightly shimmering or wet eyeshadows are quick and easy to apply with just your fingers.

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There are those who are unable to give up black pencil or eyeliner. In the first case, apply a little to the lash line and then blend it with an angled brush, bringing the color slightly outwards to elongate the eye. The most suitable colors are brown, black, blue and dark purple, but being a very simple make-up you can also opt for brighter colors. The eyeliner, on the other hand, should be preferred in a pen or in a pot to be applied with a brush because the liquid ones are more difficult to apply and in the morning, still sleepy, you risk not obtaining a defined and precise design. And if you want to experiment with a small, minimal but impactful detail, try making a dot under the eyes.

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For the lips the general advice is valid: avoid dyes and liquid lipsticks that would dry them and are not easy to reapply, opt for colored lip balms, glosses or creamy lipsticks, preferably with neutral shades. Having to talk and spend many hours at school, dark shades, reds or purples are not recommended, it is better to give a touch of color to the mouth with tone-on-tone shades with the lips. If, on the other hand, you really can’t do without a little color, avoid applying the lipstick directly from the stick but smudge a finger with the lipstick and then tap it on the lips. By doing this you will have the color perception of a red or a purple, but without applying a solid color swipe.

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