Malika Ayane, boyfriend Claudio Fratini and ex-husband Federico Brugia

Malika Ayane

The loves of Malika Ayane, from Cesare Cremonini to the ex-husband Federico Brugia, up to the boyfriend Claudio Fratini

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Successful singer, among the Big of Sanremo 2021, Malika Ayane has behind her a love life marked by great loves. After the farewell to Cesare Cremonini and the end of the marriage with Federico Brugia, the artist found happiness alongside manager Claudio Fratini.

The two met in 2018 and have not left each other since. The love story has always been lived by Malika away from the spotlight, between Milan and Berlin. Claudio is a famous manager of the entertainment world and the spark would be triggered thanks to mutual friends. “I'm fine with my partner – revealed the singer, speaking of her boyfriend -. If you are not lucky enough to immediately meet a person to be with all your life, it is sacrosanct to try to be happy, not to be satisfied ”.

In fact, love with Fratini came after the end of Malika Ayane's marriage with Federico Brugia. The director and singer got married in 2011, but the relationship ended in 2019. The couple swore eternal love at a ceremony in Las Vegas. "He had the ugliest tuxedo in the world, I was in white and jeans," said the singer, who later decided to formalize the union with a new wedding celebrated in Milan.

After the divorce from Brugia, the artist from Sanremo 2021 had decided to focus only on music and on his daughter Mia, the result of a previous relationship, until the romantic encounter with Fratini. In Ayane's sentimental past there is also a love story with Cesare Cremonini. An overwhelming love, lived in 2009 and able to make fans dream, from which the song Hello was also born. A few years after his farewell, Malika had revealed the reasons for the break with his colleague: "One day we looked at each other and wondered where we would end up – he confessed -. I already have a seven-year-old daughter, I couldn't afford a child boyfriend… And when the news of my marriage came out, Cesare reacted like a child ”. The singer had however claimed to have remained on excellent terms with Cremonini. "Everything ended except esteem and friendship," he explained.

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