Måneskin, Damiano responds to Emma on sexism at Eurovision

Damiano Maneskin

The Måneskin singer responds to Emma's comment that she had accused Eurovision and the media of sexism for using two weights and two measures

Just over two weeks after the Måneskin's historic victory at Eurovision, we continue to talk about them and their incredible results. The Roman band is breaking all records having succeeded in triumphing both in Sanremo and in the European competition, where Italy had not won for 31 years. But not only that, because the song Zitti e buona is at the top of the streaming charts all over the world and their merchandising sold out within a few hours.

A magical time for them, despite the accusations of having used drugs and that of plagiarism. Criticisms sent back to the sender which the four boys do not seem to care about. A topic that they wanted to clarify and on which they intervened is that of sexism, in response to Emma's reflections on the unequal treatment she received in 2014 when for her participation in Eurovision there was more talk about her golden shorts than her performance.

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The singer-songwriter from Salento represented Italy with La mia città and was overwhelmed by criticism for her look, which was deemed too bold, contrary to what happened this year with Måneskin.

“It was a great rock piece, but they made fun of me for the gold stage shorts that came out of the dress. There is still sexism and there is still a lot to do. He was also seen at the press conference after the Måneskin victory. Damiano arrived in the room shirtless with his boots on the table and the bottle in his hand. It was appreciated. I, on the other hand, have been highly criticized, especially by women ”.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, whose cover is dedicated to the Måneskin and the message of freedom they convey, Damiano wanted to have his say on his colleague's comment.

The easy judgment against the female is more ferocious, constant, demeaning (if I have a lot of sex I'm a cool and Vic a bitch, where I show myself strong I'm a leader and Vic a despotic and rompip **, which is successful because it's good). As a male I am privileged, the harassment I suffer is not comparable to that experienced by a woman, the comments on my aesthetics are focused only on my aesthetics and do not insinuate anything about my professionalism and my competence, while women are victims of this kind of thinking in a systemic way. But I happened to find myself out of nowhere with someone who, pulling me to her for a selfie, started licking my face … what do you want, did you ask me? Consent exists, and it is a must

The singer therefore agreed with Emma and on the other hand it is still evident that certain mental and cultural patterns are still well rooted in society. A society that, however, is slowly trying to evolve, also thanks to the Måneskin, Emma and all those who are not silent and good.

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