Måneskin debut in Las Vegas: the words of Mick Jagger

Reached Las Vegas for the opening of the Rolling Stones concert, Måneskin convinced everyone with their energy

45 minutes full of rock, for Måneskin, who received the baptism of fire in Las Vegas after a year to be framed. Just 20 years old and a suitcase full of dreams that brought them there, at the feet of those Rolling Stones who wanted them to open their yet another triumphant test on stage. The concert opening night, proudly heralded on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show, is finally here. They were thanked by him, Mick Jagger, a true legend of international music and rock. And, like all myths, he was able to test himself again and thank them in their language, Italian, generating the roar of the public.

Måneskin, an all-Italian story

A closure that opens towards the future, that of the Rolling Stones, who for their last concert wanted to launch a very important message to address to those who have always listened to music. This is how they wanted to bring to the stage that revelation that comes from Italy and that, for the occasion, has taken on the role of an America until now only dreamed of.

The atmosphere was one of big occasions (and big live shows), with audiences rushing to their seats to see a show that was promised to be different from those in New York and Los Angeles. Many young people, but the average age has settled between fifty and sixty years. And no one who bought a ticket to listen to Måneskin.

Their fame has not yet reached this point, perhaps some believed that it was an opening band like any other. Yet as soon as Måneskin reached the center of the stage, the Allegiant Stadium was shaken by that lash of energy that is typical of the Roman band’s style. They immediately started with In Nome Del Padre, and then left room for Zitti e Buoni, a song with which they won the Sanremo Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest.

The United States conquered by Beggin ‘energy

A special evening, therefore, for Måneskin, who really convinced everyone with the cover of Beggin ‘, one of the most listened to in streaming of the last year and turned into a platinum record after a million copies sold in the United States. The 1967 Four Seasons song involved the audience, who perhaps found themselves in those sounds dragged by the voice of Damiano David who, at least for one evening, took on the role of the perfect supporting actor.

There was also room for a thank you to Iggy Pop, with whom they rewrote the vocal mix of I Wanna Be Your Slave: “Now we will play a song that was interpreted by the great Iggy Pop. It is our favorite. For us it is a huge thing ”. Thus they left room for totems, the Rolling Stones, with a Mick Jagger grateful for what he has just heard and happy to be able to express himself in Italian: “I want to thank the Måneskin”.

For the young Roman musicians, who have brilliantly passed the Las Vegas test, a year full of commitments promises, but their eyes are on the next stage: iHeart Radio ALTer Ego in Los Angeles in which they will share the stage with Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, the Twenty One Pistols.

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