Måneskin, Giorgia Soleri operated: Damiano David supports his girlfriend

Måneskin, Giorgia Soleri operated: Damiano David supports his girlfriend

Damiano David supports his girlfriend Giorgia Soleri who on social networks announces the operation to defeat endometriosis

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Giorgia Soleri, Damiano David's girlfriend, works and the Måneskin singer supports her with messages of encouragement on social media. The model and actress talked about her fight against endometriosis on Instagram, a disease with which she has been fighting for many years.

"I have waited a long time for this moment – wrote Giorgia, publishing a photo from the hospital -. March 21, 2021 is the day when the diagnosis of endometriosis and adenomyosis arrived. In fact, as with most of the people affected by these diseases, I already knew it ”. Soleri talked about her emotions in front of the operation and the desire to achieve a normal life after years in which she lived with the symptoms caused by endometriosis.

“Being here today is a victory – he added -. And not because he wants to use that warlike rhetoric that I hate so much where the disease is a battle to be faced and the sick person a warrior with the responsibility of his own recovery on him. No, not at all, it is a victory because from tomorrow I will have the possibility to know a new body, which I have never had the possibility to live: a body without pain. Endometriosis has been part of me for so long – he concluded – that I no longer even know what is mine and what is hers. This operation is a victory because, from tomorrow, I will be able to try to take back a life that belongs to me and that I have not lived for too long: mine ".

There were many comments to support Giorgia who also announced the operation on Twitter. “Smash everything!” Damiano David wrote to her, adding a red heart to his message. The actress and the leader of the Måneskin have been linked for several years. A love story lived in great secrecy and came to light only a few months ago when the singer chose to share a couple photo on Instagram.

During Eurovision, Soleri supported the Roman band on Instagram, amid comments, wild dances and the tears that came at the moment of victory. Now it's up to Damiano David to support his partner who is about to face a difficult test, but which could give her – as she herself said – a new life.

Giorgia Soleri's post

Giorgia Soleri's post

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