Måneskin land at the Grammys: rock America is at their feet

Maneskin, Damiano David

Out of the box and crazy, Måneskin will announce the names of the nominees for the 2022 Grammy Awards: yet another American success

Maneskin, Damiano’s look at MTV Ema: “Oh, Mamma mia!”

America has found the new rock idols in Måneskin. While in Italy the Roman band continues to garner some criticism and controversy, in the rest of the world Måneskin fever has started, especially after the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, which has granted them an unparalleled crowd (and fame). . It will be their honor to present the nominees for the 2022 Grammy Awards, and it is the site of the highly prestigious Award that has crowned them as “Rock Ambassadors 2021”.

The Måneskin will announce the names of the nominees for the 2022 Grammy Awards

The name of the band is almost everywhere, so much so that some even said they were “tired” of their success. There are those who do not understand them, those who do not consider them “rock” enough, those who feel indifference. What is certain, however, is that the group formed by Damiano David, Ethan Torchio, Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi has conquered its place on the international music stage.

And it is simplistic to link them to the phenomenon of the moment: the honor of announcing the candidates for the next edition of the Grammy Awards 2022 will be up to them. Another recognition comes from America, and is among the most important, given the media sounding board of one of the main events. Alongside the CEO of the Grammys, Harvey Mason Jr., we will find our Måneskin: unstoppable and with the desire to conquer the whole world, they will present the candidates for the 86 categories of awards.

There is great anticipation for a nomination from Måneskin for the 2022 Grammy Awards

During November 23, with a livestream event, the rock band will participate in the presentation of the Grammy nominations. There will be not only them, but also equally illustrious colleagues, whose names are now known all over the world, from BTS to HER The event can be followed on the official Grammy social channels.

There is more, however, because the wait is super: will the Måneskin once again make history, receiving a nomination for the Grammy Awards 2022? Or simply, when the time comes, will they participate with a special exhibition, sporting one of their iconic looks?

The Ambassadors of Rock: a worldwide success

Phenomenon or not, to Måneskin we must acknowledge that we have brought an incredible breath of freshness to Italian music in the world. Always associated with melodies with a recognizable sound and a certain type of songwriting, we are far from light music and enter one of the most loved genres: rock.

From the second post to X Factor, time has passed: they came out victorious from Sanremo 2021, from the Eurovision Song Contest, their songs are on the radio everywhere, from England to Finland. From Mammamia to I wanna be your slave, from the reworking of Beggin ‘to the iconic Zitti e Buoni, we couldn’t be more proud of this glam-rock symbol.

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