Måneskin, relentless Country Cousins: “They will not make history”

Måneskin, relentless Country Cousins: "They will not make history"

The criticism of the Country Cousins ​​on the Maneskin does not subside: the group has launched new arrows to the younger colleagues

The controversy of the Country Cousins ​​on the Maneskins does not seem to subside: after accusing the band of having copied their look for the concert in Las Vegas, the group that became famous in the Seventies has launched new arrows to colleagues.

Cousins ​​of Campagna, the accusations against the Maneskin

The sterile controversy set in motion by the Country Cousins, who accused the Maneskins of copying their looks, has made many smile – and infuriate others -. Damiano David and the other members of the group, on the occasion of the opening of the Rolling Stones concert at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, showed off some stars and stripes outfits. A clear tribute to the flag of the United States (and certainly not the prerogative of the Country Cousins), a country that is giving them a truly warm (and well deserved) welcome.

The outfit chosen by the Roman group, however, ended up in the crosshairs of the Country Cousins ​​who criticized the young artists from their official Facebook account: “The Maneskin performed in the USA, before the Rolling Stones, imitating the Cousins ​​of Countryside. Just copy our clothes ”, attaching a photo comparison between the onesie worn by Damiano and the costume of Nick Luciani. But they did not stop there, because they continued their invective, throwing a dig at the band: “Do something better, as we did with your Zitti e buona”, they commented, referring to the cover of the winning song of the Festival of Sanremo.

The Cousins ​​of the Countryside return to talk about the band

After the slip – because it is a slip – on the accusations of a non-existent plagiarism, the Cousins ​​of Campagna returned to the subject, explaining their point of view on the matter. In an interview with Il Fatto Quotidiano Ivano Michetti explained: “We are happy that they imitated us. It was a blatant imitation of our dresses, certainly decided by their costume designers. We are very happy”.

The Campaign Cousins ​​have stressed that they are not at all envious of the Maneskin, as they have several concerts scheduled, many of them in the United States. Michetti has in fact announced that next year the group will fly to the US for a tour in New York: “We are fans of Maneskin, of their beauty, of their joy, and then they are from Rome like us. The moment is theirs and it is right that it should be so “.

The artist, however, did not reserve only words for honey for the young band, on the contrary he dedicated to his colleagues a reflection that does not hide a certain resentment at all: “Is there really anyone who compares Damiano to Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin? But let’s not joke. Plant has an incredible voice, with all due respect to Damiano. And we want to compare Jimmy Page with the Maneskin guitarist? Does not exist. We will find ourselves in seven or eight months asking ourselves: “Do you remember that song that won Sanremo?” It will not make history “.

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