Manila Nazzaro against the ex: "I found out on Instagram that he had another family"

Manila Nazzaro against the ex: "I found out on Instagram that he had another family"

Manila Nazzaro attacks her ex-husband and reveals: "I discovered another family on Instagram"

Manila Nazzaro says he discovered on Instagram the existence of the new family of Francesco Cozza, her ex-husband and father of her children. Born in 1977, blue eyes and great talent, Nazzaro is a successful showgirl. After the triumph in Miss Italy in 1999 his career never stopped, between television programs and theater shows.

Always smiling and cheerful, Manila some time ago confessed that he had experienced a difficult period because of his divorce from Francesco Cozza. A love that lasted from 2005 to 2017, which gave the presenter two children: Francesco Pio and Nicolas. A fairy tale that ended in the worst way for Nazzaro, with the farewell and the discovery, on Instagram, that the ex-husband had created a new family.

Francesco Cozza would in fact be linked to Milena from whom in 2018 he would have had a son, Leonardo. "I discovered on Instagram that he had another family, a very strong blow – explained the Rai face -. It is not a nice thing to see images on Instagram that refer to the existence of another family. We were in the process of being separated. Each one reaps what he sows and it will be like that for him too. He did not have the courage to tell me. I deserved at least a little sincerity. "

Nazzaro is currently linked to Lorenzo Amoruso, but finding out that her ex-husband had had a child from another was still a serious blow. The presenter, who in the past also had serious health problems, has never hidden the fact that she had experienced the farewell to the former midfielder with difficulty, after having strongly believed in marriage. "We got married in 2005, after four years of engagement – he revealed shortly after the breakup -. My work helped me react, but I experienced a great depression. A sort of mourning. I have blamed myself so much. It is not easy to admit the failure of a marriage for a Southern woman like me who grew up in a united family. My parents did not experience this as a scandal, it is clear, they were close to me, but in the history of my family nobody had ever separated before. "

The couple has two children: Francesco Pio, 14 years old, and Nicola, 8 years old. "They are serene – revealed Nazzaro -, they know that the father is in Calabria and that he probably has a girlfriend".

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