Maqui, the super berry that cleanses and cures inflammation

Maqui, the super berry that cleanses and cures inflammation

It is called maqui the super berry that comes from Patagonia, helps reduce inflammation and cleanses the body

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Delicious and rich in nutritional properties, maqui is the super berry that cures inflammation and cleanses the body.

This fruit comes from Patagonia and grows in extreme conditions. It has a blue-violet color, so it is often confused with blueberry. The properties of this plant have been known since ancient times. The local warriors in fact considered the maqui a sacred fruit and used it on important occasions.

The berry was used to prepare teku, an alcoholic beverage, while the warriors ate it in large quantities before taking part in the battles.

The pulp is juicy and sugary, but above all it contains many vitamins. In particular, vitamin E, which counteracts the action of free radicals, and vitamin B5, useful against fatigue and stress.

The properties of this berry are innumerable. Thanks to the purifying effect, it is recommended for those on a diet and want to eliminate excess waste in the body. Counteracts inflammation of bones and joints, blocking premature aging, and also protects the eyes, preventing macular retinal degeneration. It also acts on the skin, slowing down the formation of wrinkles and spots on the skin, especially if caused by exposure to sunlight. Finally, maqui is recommended in the case of high cholesterol, because it prevents the formation of dangerous LDL plaques.

The only drawback? These berries are difficult to find in our country, precisely because they come from the other side of the world. However, they can be found, in the dried form, in some herbalist's shops or pharmacies, where maqui-based products are also available. You can try the water-soluble powder to add to yogurt and centrifuges, accompanied by whole grains. Excellent pure juice that is obtained by cold pressing and has an intense flavor, so much that it can be diluted with other drinks.

The infusion – prepared with leaves, fruits and branches – is perfect especially in winter to soothe inflammation in the throat and all the symptoms of the cold, thanks to the analgesic and astringent properties of the plant.

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