Mara Carfagna, break from work with little Vittoria

Mara Carfagna, break from work with little Vittoria

Mara Carfagna posted a photo on Instagram taking a break after work with her little Vittoria, born in October

Mara Carfagna: looks, loves and more

Mara Carfagna in a moment of pause with her little Vittoria. The Vice President of the Chamber has published an image in which she is sitting at an outdoor table, with the wheelchair, the first in which she is shown (at least on her official Instagram profile) with the child.

Vittoria was born on October 26, 2020 at the Gemelli hospital in Rome with a caesarean section and the news was spread the following day also through a short sentence on the profile of the former Minister for Equal Opportunities, there Mara Carfagna shared an image with pink shoes and written: “Our little big Victory has arrived! Heartfelt thanks to everyone for the avalanche of affection you show us ”.

The girl was born from the love story between Carfagna and Alessandro Ruben, a lawyer and former deputy. The couple have been together since 2013 and over the years has always kept away from gossip.

"Having a child is first and foremost a choice of love – Carfagna had told in an interview with SkyTg24 in the program L'intervista di Maria Latella -. It is the culmination of a journey of love and of having an attentive and present man with you who loves the idea of ​​starting a family. A solid and stable relationship is certainly an important prerequisite. There are women who have all this and decide not to have children, but there are many women who instead give up motherhood because another important prerequisite is missing, which is economic solidity and the possibility of making long-term projects ". On the same occasion she also told about the time she had discovered she was pregnant during the lockdown and the worries: “It was a very difficult time. Discovering that I was expecting a baby during the lockdown was not easy, it was a great joy but also a great concern ”.

Always very reserved, Mara Carfagna this time wanted to share with her numerous followers a shot that shows her in a more daily guise that immortalizes her of a moment of pause with her baby in the wheelchair, in support of the photograph published on Instagram, politics has written: “A little break after the classroom with my victory”, accompanying everything with a heart.

Mara Carfagna on Instagram

Mara Carfagna on Instagram

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