Mara Carfagna overshadows Maria Elena Boschi who consoles herself with Berruti and the Tapiro

Mara Carfagna overshadows Maria Elena Boschi who consoles herself with Berruti and the Tapiro

Mara Carfagna debuts with the perfect jacket and puts in the background Maria Elena Boschi who receives the Golden Tapir from "Striscia la Notizie"

Maria Elena Boschi, the chemisier look in the Chamber

Mara Carfagna conquers the Senate and challenges Maria Elena Boschi in terms of style. Appointed Minister for the South in the Draghi government, now it is she who imposes the dress code of politics and immediately says goodbye to the total black looks, so dear to the group leader of Italia Viva alla Camera who in the meantime consoles herself with her boyfriend Giulio Berruti and the Tapiro of Striscia la Notizia, the second of his career. But let's proceed in order.

Maria Elena Boschi in the new government led by Mario Draghi was left without an armchair, but the news took her revenge with the Golden Tapir of Striscia. Intercepted by Valerio Staffelli in Rome, the group leader at the Italia Viva Chamber explains: “I pulled back from the fray, I said right away that I didn't want any job. I don't want to be Deputy Minister or Undersecretary, what matters to me is the good of Italy ". In closing, the deputy also indulges in a joke about her boyfriend, actor Giulio Berruti.

The couple seems to be experiencing a golden moment of perfect harmony. And so here she is enjoying the sun and the sea of ​​Fregene, between an outdoor lunch, where there is no lack of passionate kisses, and games on the beach with the Brownie dog as shown in the photos published by the magazine Oggi. The understanding is magical, coexistence is now defined and now the big step towards the altar is expected.

But while Boschi, 40 years old last January 24, relaxes with her partner, there are those who take her place, her name is Mara Carfagna. This is not so much about politics, but about style. The new minister immediately distinguished herself for the look with which she presented herself to the Senate for the vote of confidence in Draghi, which we could define as a breath of fresh air.

Carfagna wore a beige-colored, masculine-cut blazer that she paired with a white t-shirt and dark pants. The manicure is very well-finished with a soft enamel, in a royal style, and the solitaire on the middle finger. The perfect look for your Senate debut.

With the Minister for the South, the page is turned and the traditional black suits by Maria Elena Boschi definitely take a back seat. Even if black is a great classic and you are never wrong to wear it, except when, as Boschi did a few weeks ago, you choose to wear a shirt dress to go to Parliament. However, the battle has just begun and therefore Maria Elena will be able to redeem herself.

Mara Carfagna

Mara Carfagna

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